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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I love knowing the history of the place before writing about it. The history of La Quiche Bistrot is made of pure love.
The owner, Gabriel Barone, has a degree in Radio and TV, but he had done a bit of gastronomy before deciding to do communication. He worked in the area, but always with subjects related to gastronomy.
One day, he was invited to work on a cruise that was passing through Europe, and it was there that his passion for quiches was born. Passing through France, it seemed that all roads led him to open a restaurant full of quiches. Returning to Brazil, he did!
In a modest house, Gabriel opened his restaurant and made his dream come true. Everything there was done with a lot of sweat and with your own hands! Your brother and mother give you strength, in addition to having great friendly and attentive staff. When I hear a story like that, I end up liking the place even more. It is very nice to see that a dream was realized with much sweat and determination.
The result was positive, of course. In three months, he has already exceeded his goals and is expanding the external area! This is further proof that everything that is done with love, works.
Now let’s get down to business: quiches!
The menu has options that impressed me. First, I had never seen so much choice of the savory dish, second that I had never seen the sweet dish in my life!
All pastas are made with yogurt, with whole-grain and gluten-free options. You can choose to add side dishes, plus R $ 3.00 or R $ 4.00, whether white or brown rice, leaf or grain salad and protein.
To drink, we ordered a pink lemonade.
I was accompanied by a friend who loves to visit new places. She ordered a quiche called Blanc de Dinde (R $ 15.90), made of turkey breast with white cheese and wholemeal pasta.
I found the dough very light and the filling very tasty. The turkey breast has a very striking flavor, which goes well with the quiche.
As a side dish, she ordered white rice.
I asked for a more elaborate flavor: Crevette, made with shrimp, artichoke and emmental (R $ 16.90).
I confess that I expected a more striking flavor, but the shrimp were small, so the flavor was not that strong, but I can’t deny that it was delicious!
As a side dish, I ordered a grain salad that was just wonderful.
When I researched La Quiche, I kept an eye on the Oreo option. I didn’t even have to look at the menu to know what I wanted for dessert.
AMAZING! The quiche is wonderful! In addition, you can choose to add chocolate sauce, berries and ice cream. I was going to order more chocolate, but the waiter suggested the ice cream, since the quiche already came with a lot of chocolate. I wanted to thank this guy publicly.
The ice cream that accompanies it is homemade, made from dulce de leche with chocolate. I swear I never ate ice cream like that! It looks like a mousse, well aerated and creamy.
I told Gabriel that he had to open an ice cream shop now, because what he did is amazing! He said he will soon start selling this ice cream in jars, and I will be the first in line to buy it.
My friend ordered the banana option with Nutella, which was very tasty too! No exaggeration of chocolate or banana. Everything at the right point.
She asked for more chocolate sauce, but regretted not ordering the ice cream after trying mine.
The super-sympathetic Gabriel gave her free ice cream!
They even make options for homemade cakes and delicious cookies.
The text was long, but that’s because this place is really worth it!
Information: Rua Artur de Azevedo, 657, Pinheiros, São Paulo
Phone: (11) 3213 9230

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