La Théière – Tea House in SP

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La Théière was a love affair for me at first sight. I found their site by chance and I was fascinated by the concept of the place and the face of the desserts, so much so that in the same week I managed to get my schedule right and took a day off to go there personally to check everything out!
The place is a little corner of Paris in São Paulo. Partly for the ultra charming decor and furniture, which the owner brought with her after 14 years living in France, partly for the French speaking waiters … and closed with a flourish for the wonderful and delicate food.
PHOTOS: Thomaz Sacchi and La Théière
As I went at lunch time, I took the opportunity to try the Menu of the Day, which includes starter and main course and varies daily, according to the chef’s inspiration! I ate a starter cake of raw ham, buffalo mozzarella, arugula and almonds, and as a main dish a chicken crumble with vegetables and green salad. Everything was absolutely fun, food that makes you happy instantly!
theiere4 And then I got to the most expected part Determined to try a good part of the infinitely tempting menu, I started with the (delicious) cookies and the madeleines au chocolat blanc. really worth it.
theiere2 Then I opted for Thé Gourmand (great tip from Talitta Albuquerque!), which comes with the mini version of three desserts on the menu. As with Thomaz, my boyfriend, we took the opportunity to diversify the options. For me, I ordered a mini chocolate mousse, biscuit moelleux au chocolat and creme brulée. He chose coconut gateaux, chocolate madeleines and moelleux too. I have no words to describe the delight that the little desserts were, I wanted to order each one in the classic version and finish eating myself, but I controlled myself and ended the afternoon with a beautiful Belgian chocolate crepe, which by the way was fantastic!
theiere3 I left there happier than ever , and with a bag of madeleines to eat later.
theiere1 La Theiere is in Paradise, nº 50 of Rua Pirapora, and opens from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm For those who want to spend their free time, their website is and their facebook page

PS: From what we were told today, on March 5, 2013, La Théière is unfortunately closed.

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