Lake El’ton: the most amazing landscape in Russia | Volgograd

Lake El'ton: the most amazing landscape in Russia |  Volgograd

Since we’re talking about a trip to Russia, we couldn’t stop talking about the space race, right? Okay, this vlog was not really about the whole story or a visit to some historic place – in fact, it has nothing to do with it. Our vlog started from Kazan to Volgograd and making a connection in Moscow. As we would have some extra time at the airport, Paulo decided to innovate for breakfast and experimented with astronaut food: one cottage cheese with red fruits on the tube.
As you can imagine, the experience was not the best, after all, the weird texture is not at all appetizing. According to Paulo, it is not good, but it is also not so bad ?
Lake El'ton: the most amazing landscape in Russia | Volgograd
We stayed in a “princess” room at Volgograd Hotel. Simple, but very spacious and, the best, super comfortable. The hotel’s location directly opposite the main square is also very good. The bad part, like the hotel we stayed in Kazan, was due to the empty fridge!
As we were very hungry, we stopped at a self service shortly after we left our bags at the hotel. In fact, this is another point in common that Russia has with Brazil. The country, in general, is full of self services and even large networks in this style. It ends up being a great option for those who want to save or eat even faster.
The highlight of that day, however, was further away from the city center. About a 5 hour drive from the city, is the Lake El’ton and can i speak? It is worth every minute of the road to get to know this wonderful place. If you have the opportunity, go there to watch the sunset and be amazed by one of the most surreal landscapes in life! The sky is totally reflected in the water and all around is salt <3
Lake El'ton: the most amazing landscape in Russia | Volgograd
Underneath the salt, there is still a black mud that is said to have healing power. Of this part I cannot say anything, but I confess that it is a place that will bring you a lot of peace! To check out more details of this amazing place just watch the vlog of that day down here!

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