Landeau Chocolates – Lisbon

A very common sweet among Lisboners is the chocolate cake…. but it is really different from the “crazy deny” that we are used to in Brazil. Here, the chocolate cake is usually more creamy, almost mousse.
And a place worth visiting is the Landeau Chocolates.
From a French family, the Portuguese Sofia Landeau has a degree in Design and, while in London doing a master’s degree, she started working in restaurants.
There was a cake that she liked to eat as a child, so she decided to modify the recipe a little with another percentage of cocoa, to make it less sweet. And that was how she started preparing the chocolate cake at home and selling it in the places where she worked. When he returned to Lisbon, he started selling the cake in a cafe in the city, until one day, a world renowned gastronomic guide decided to make a contest to elect “The Best Chocolate Cake in Lisbon” and Sofia’s came first.
After the demand boom, Landeau Chocolates was born.
Today, at two addresses, the company has a unique product that is the champion chocolate cake and, in addition, they sell drinks such as coffee, teas, hot chocolate, juice, water and soda.
The cake is sold in pieces or to order in 3 different sizes.
Be sure to try it! 😛
Service: every day from 12:00 to 19: 00h.
– Chiado – Rua das Flores, 70
– Lx Factory – Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103
PS: Here at ICKFD, Dani has already made a delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe. If you are not in Portugal, you can enjoy at home ?

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