Lano-Alto: My Store In São Paulo
Lano alto my store in sao paulo

Lano-Alto: My Store In São Paulo

A quiet corner of the farm in the middle of the rush of a big city, valuing artisanal production and respecting nature’s cycles. This is how I would describe the space of Lano-Alto here in Sao Paulo.
For those who don’t know,
Lano-Alto came up with the farm of Peèle Lemos and Yentl Delanhesi, two of our friends. Today, the brand is also associated with the farm that Paulo and I have there in Serra do Mar, in addition to selling other goods from producers in the region. Everything prepared there even with sooo much affection and care.
After we tell you a little bit
about the company and show our farmhouse, the time has come to talk about another novelty! Lano-Alto now has its own space in SP!
If you want to taste fresh products straight from the farm, just stop by
Rua Turi, 213, in Vila Madalena. The store is open from Thursday and Friday, from 11 am to 6 pm and Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm. If you’re lucky, you might even find us there! Get connected in the delights you will find:


Few breads and butters are as delicious as those at Lano-Alto, I swear! The difference lies in the fermentation of the two ingredients – including butter. To taste these two delights just ask for hot cheese (R $ 15), which comes with fermented bread and butter, Roman cheese and mustard eggs. The taste of the cheese is surreal, low in acid and with an otherworldly aroma. Not to mention the mustard comes on the scene bursting with flavor in the mouth. It’s a great combination, see?
fermented butter bread
Another option with Roman cheese for those who enjoy more intense flavors is the
pressed cheese and onion (R $ 15), and this onion is fermented in honey. If you prefer milder flavors just ask for toasted ricotta with honey (R $ 12), which is more creamy and with a sweet taste.
In this same bittersweet line, there you will also find a
toasted with jam (R $ 10). The flavors depend a lot on the season or even the day, but two possible options are loquat or star fruit jelly ?


In addition to handmade espresso (R $ 8), the store sells kombuchas (R $ 12) super aromatic and full of flavor. The two main flavors are guaco and black tea, with a few touches of ginger and allspice. Another wonderful thing is the cold brew with raw milk (R $ 9). Just trying to understand how delicious it is!
The people who like a good
beer (R $ 20) is also contemplated! The drink comes from a farm next to ours and has a unique flavor. And look how beautiful: every two bottles you get a board with ancestral cheese and Roman cheese to taste.


Now the part most expected by the ants on duty! I’ll talk about each of the options here and to find out how delicious they are, will you have to go to the store, agreed? So here we go: creamy ricotta cake with loquat syrup (R $ 10), country chicken cooked in dulce de leche (R $ 10) and Roman cheese with dulce de leche and lemon zest cloves (R $ 7). All options have super delicate flavors and incredible textures, worth a try ❤️


“But Dani, what if I want to take one of these products home?” Can also! The list usually varies a little, but in general the options are these:

  • jersey cows milk candy (R $ 25);
  • Roman cheese;
  • toasted butter (R $ 20);
  • ricotta (R $ 15);
  • mustard roe (R $ 20);
  • jam (R $ 18);
  • country garlic (R $ 10);
  • cachaça sunset (R $ 60);
  • wild honey (R $ 50) and beer (R $ 29).

And to know other details of Lano-Alto, just watch our video:

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