Large study women are at higher risk for heart disease than men

Large study women are at higher risk for heart disease than men

Women’s blood vessels age faster than men. Your blood pressure will rise more quickly and you are at an increased risk of developing heart disease such as a heart attack. This is the result of a large study by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the USA.

The researchers at the renowned facility in Los Angeles confirm with their latest study, which can be read at “”, that there are serious gender-specific differences – which should be given more consideration in medicine. In women, high blood pressure, hypertension, with all its negative consequences develops an average of ten years earlier than in men. The blood pressure data from around 145,000 measurements on more than 32,000 people between the ages of five and 98 were evaluated. The survey period is also enormous at 43 years.

Heart disease: women more at risk than men

Study director Dr. Susan Cheng explains according to “” in the “New York Times”: “The anatomy and physiology of men and women are fundamentally different“All the available results from blood pressure measurements would suggest that female blood vessels age faster than male ones. Women are therefore more susceptible to a whole range of cardiovascular diseases.

The study by the scientists had not only shown that women can experience a dangerous rise in blood pressure earlier, but also that the pressure then rises faster – and with it the risk.

How does hypertension occur and when is there a need for action?


Effectively prevent and treat high blood pressure

Almost every second adult in Germany suffers from high blood pressure. The dangerous thing about it: At first, the symptoms of hypertension, as the disease is also called, are very weak, so many people do not even notice them at first. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to treat the associated ailments and risks.

Heart develops in a gender-specific manner

The researchers assume that the heart muscle simply develops differently in old age. The heart of men becomes heavier over the years, whereas this is not the case with women.

Even if in the end no one escapes the fact that the constant stress on the heart muscle takes its toll over time, women still have an average higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke or developing another heart disease.

This is how you recognize the risk of a heart attack.

Heart attack symptoms

Heart attack symptoms
This is how you recognize the danger in good time

Just cruel! Heart attacks are the most common cause of death in Germany – but you could actually recognize them early …

Medicine has to react

Cheng emphasizes that from the results – even if they have to be confirmed and specified by further research – it can be clearly deduced “that prevention and treatment of the heart and blood vessels must be tailored specifically to womenTransferring tried and tested treatment methods from men 1: 1 to women could have dire consequences.

What is not called into question is that women and men can do something for their heart health. Recommended prevention includes regularly doing moderate endurance sports, getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet with a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids.

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