Launch of the New Antix Collection

Launch of the New Antix Collection

I was invited to see first hand the new Antix collection entitled Carola and his Top Hat. The collection was entirely based on Carola’s circus imaginary world, and in that world no animal works for the circus. In fact they own the circus, they walk around loose, they have fun and of course, they make the collection even more cute.
The modeling remains beautiful and impeccable. It falls very well on any woman’s body. In addition to the satin dresses that are my favorites, the collection now also has wonderful midi dresses and skirts.
dani-danielle-noce-antix-lancamento-colecoo-winter-circus-print-trapeze artists
The prints are a show apart as always. The dress I was wearing, which is already in the new collection, is called Domadora de Cavalos and the curious thing about the print is that on the front of the dress the giraffe appears from the front and on the back she is also on her back. Isn’t that great? I love these super cute and detailed balconies.
The party yesterday was a success, entitled to lots of sweet pink popcorn and love apple, which transported me immediately to my childhood when I loved the circuses that arrived in the city.
The store, for those who do not know, is worth the visit, as it is beautiful in every detail. The chandelier of cups and drawers with different handles, including an owl, are my favorite decorative objects.
And of course, I couldn’t leave with my hands empty. I brought home several beautiful pieces that I will soon show you in SDF or in the looks that I will do here.
To learn more about the collection’s inspirations, check out the interview that Mariana Juliano, the brand’s stylist, gave to the Antix blog.
Now just to leave you with a spoiler of what I got for myself, these three here are some of my favorites: bird dress, horse tamer dress, and floral denim dress.
And for you, you like to mine as much as I do, as the new collection is already in stores and on the website, the old collections went on sale. That’s why I selected five pieces with great prices that I’m sure you will fall in love with:
Dressed like a wave.
Dressed praying mantis.
Long dress perfect pair.
Dressed by the sea.
Strap dress I want to be a mermaid.
And then? Did you like the new collection?

Ahhhh I forgot to tell you where my look is from, right?
The dress as you saw is from this new collection by Antix. The sequin bag is by Marc Jacobs and the shoe is by Arezzo!
PHOTOS: Paulo Cuenca | @paulocuenca

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