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Last week we went to the cinema to see The Angels’ Share (a very funny film but at the same time with a hopeful social nature, from people who get together to steal some bottles of a very rare whiskey to try to fix their lives) and as soon as we left from the room we realized it was starting to rain. As we were there near the Metro Odeon and it had been a while since I wanted to eat at L’Avant Comptoir we went to the cinema to go there so we wouldn’t get soaked.
L’Avant Comptoir is a tiny little place, where the menu is all hung up on plaques on the ceiling and you look up and choose what to order.

avant comptoir menuMenu hanging from the ceiling; D

You will be asking little by little, you know? Like in a tavern? A tapas bar. So, we arrived a little wet and right away the place was crowded, everyone standing at the counter (there are no chairs), but the smell was delicious. We had to wait about 40 minutes, but we were squeezing between one and the other that was leaving until we finally managed to order our first glasses of wine at night, with a board of thinly sliced ​​prosciutto and falling apart in the mouth and another board of comté cheese with cherry jam.

avant comptoir 1L’Avant Comptoir

avant comptoir wineThe bread comes sliced ​​and placed on the counter for everyone to take. No basket just for you; here the business is sharing, talking and meeting people.

Behind the counter, two Indians who were constantly baking, frying, cutting and making crepes and a very funny Frenchman who was talking, counting orders and serving you wine. A very friendly and talkative guy. L’Avant Comptoir is like that, the food is made in front of you and everything is simply delicious and cheap. Each snack costs an average of 6 euros.

avant comptoir azulejo 2Tiles designed by L’Avant Comptoir customers

Well, after we had an appetite with the prosciutto and the cheese, we started ordering the food: caramelized pork belly, pork ear with peppers, foie gras brochette, anchovies in butter and Iberian ham croquette mouth). All in small portions and beautifully made.

avant comptoir snack pigCaramelized pork belly

Finally, we ordered a crème brûlée and a sweet rice with caramel and we left there more than satisfied. With a full belly and light spirit! An amazing start to the night; D

Ahhh .. and if you don’t want to go in or if it’s too crowded, you can order a crepe or a sandwich through the little window overlooking the street and go and eat at home!

L`Avant Comptoir is at 3, Carrefour de l’Odéon.

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