Le Bal – Paris

Le Bal is an art gallery / restaurant / cafe / all the best for you to visit in Paris. A very charming place where I and many Parisians are going to have our Sunday brunch.
I always arrive around 2 pm and start with a savory pie that they always change the filling according to what is freshest in the day. Another good option is the American style breakfast, with eggs and bacon, very tasty. To accompany a ginger beer, even more now in the spring! Super refreshing.
For dessert be sure to order the cheesecake, one of the best in Paris. The lemon muffin is also delicious! Just don’t order the scoones, I always think they are kind of raw in the middle.
le bal1le bal 3The place is cute and you can still check out some exhibition that is going on during the week. But don’t forget, a nice place like this always has a queue, but it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes and you will already be sitting facing the park watching the children playing and enjoying your Sunday calmly.

To check out more about Le Bal, watch the video I recorded on my last trip there.

Le Bal is at number 6, Impasse de la Défense – Paris


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