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Hi people,
Today I will give a super tip for lovers of a good typical Italian ice cream, the famous gelato. On Valentine’s Day, I went to meet Le Botteghe di Leonardo together with my fiance, right after a very tasty lunch.
Walking along Rua Oscar Freire, right away it is impossible not to be enchanted by the decoration of the place. The façade is made up of a striped superfofoil that draws attention from afar.
When we approach, we see a kind of deck with wooden stools and water for our pets. This is on the side of the street, because, on the side of the sidewalk, we have a “showcase” of beautiful popsicles and an inviting window.
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As soon as we enter Le Botteghe di Leonardo, the decoration becomes prominent. There are several references to Italy, interesting messages (and cute ones) and the flavors displayed in tables at the bottom of the counter where orders are placed.
Not to mention the lighting … How I love these hanging lights!
gastronomic-itinerary-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 31gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 27gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 34
In fact, if you also like the lamps like this, be sure to check out my DIY post on how to make them at home (see HERE).
Well, but let’s get to what really matters, ice cream. Gelatos are served in the cone or in cups.
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And speaking of cups, they are 4 sizes for us to choose. One thing I found really cool is that they don’t work with balls. In other words, even choosing a cup or cone, you can add as many flavors as you like to fill the space available in the container.
This means that you can taste various flavors, even if you choose the smallest (and cheapest) option.
gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 33
The variety of flavors is quite large: they are made based on Italian recipes that take milk and there are also several with fruits and sugar-free and lactose-free options.
But rest assured, with so much diversity, we can taste several flavors (at will) until we decide… You can go without fear of making mistakes.
As I love cones, I couldn’t help but put my gelato in it. And since I mentioned it, I need to emphasize that it is made on the spot and has a delicious smell. I chose two flavors to compose mine… It was beautiful! Look that:
gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 17
The first flavor I chose was the Stracciatella, which is made with milk, pieces of chocolate and chips of semi-bitter Belgian chocolate. A delight! My other option was for the flavor Verona, their Romeo and Juliet.
Guys, hard to say which one I liked the most … Both were delicious, each in their own style!
My fiance, on the other hand, opted for the 50ml mini cup. As the cup is very small, he chose only one flavor, the Cioccolato al Latte.
gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd (5)
Despite being a little sweeter than mine, the milk chocolate ice cream it is also very tasty and has a “bit” of bitterness at the end. It’s worth a try! To accompany it, he ordered an espresso coffee that comes with a cookie … Everything very cute.
gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 20
So loves, if you like a good Italian gelato, my tip is for you to get to know the Le Botteghe di Leonardo with high expectations.
They are present in the cities of Florence, Naples and Milan in Italy and arrived in Brazil about 1 year ago… and are here to stay!
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gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 35gastronomic-route-sp-le-botteghe-di-leonardo-oscar-freire-gelato-italiano-ickfd 36
The gelateria already has 4 stores in São Paulo and the one I went to visit is in Rua Oscar Freire, 42, in Jardins.
Opening hours are 9 am – 11 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 9 am – 0 am on Fridays and Saturdays.
I hope you enjoyed the post and good gelato for you!

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