Le Boudoir – Paris

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I’m going to start my first post about the restaurants and places I’m going to in Paris with Le Boudoir, this very peculiar place that I’ve been to twice this week.
I was called to dinner at Le Boudoir on Wednesday or Thursday, I don’t remember, but I only managed to arrive for dessert, as I had to take Paulo at the airport. I ate a Baba au Rhum, which was divine and I was totally hooked by the stomach. As there was no more time for dinner, as it was already half past midnight and they were closing, I decided to go back there on Friday and I fell in love with this restaurant.

The service is super warm, all the staff make sure to explain each of the dishes and even give hints of which are the best or which ones they recommend. For starters we ate a selection of charcuterie, made by the maître d ‘, which is the specialty of the house, as Chef Arnaud Nicolas was elected the Best Ouvrier in France in 2003. For the main course I ordered the quail (photo above), which was tender and in the perfect spot. And for dessert, a delicious giant chocolate macaron with citrus fruits. But I also tried the pears with guava and caramel cream! Everything was absurdly delicious.
I loved the place, not to mention that the bathroom is beautiful .. the face of the ICKFD, all black with pink motifs; D
Le Boudoir is close to the Champs-Elysées, at 25 rue du Colisée, Paris.
And if you want to know more about my week in Paris:

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