Le Citizen Hotel – Paris

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The 10th Arrondissement, but mainly the Canal Saint Martin area, is a region that has enchanted me for a long time. Along the streets and alleys of the Canal Saint Martin you will find shops and ateliers by new designers, delicious bakeries like Du Pain et Des Idées, ethnic restaurants like Marcel, delicious places to spend the night having fun with friends like the Hôtel Du Nord and an amazing 12-room hotel called Le Citizen!
canalsaintmartin Le Citizen is a small hotel and new idealized by dear Sophie Berdah. You can’t talk about the hotel without talking about this beautiful woman before. Sophie is that type of woman who inspires you all the time, finds everything easy, nothing is a problem, always with the mood there. up and a super high spirits, that kind of person who can do everything he wants but as if nothing needed a lot of effort (even if he has). She is an incredible woman, exuding joy, joie de vivre, inspiration and wisdom. And all of this, of course, is reflected in your hotel, all the staff (none in uniform) are each from a different country and with their own personality, making you feel like you are among friends, and best of all, friends you know Paris very well, whatever you need: from delicious places to dine, cool bars and clubs to go, ias, museums – they all have an opinion and can indicate the best possible place to go and the addresses that you will most identify yourself with. In addition, if you already have the restaurants where you want to eat in Paris in mind, you can send the list to them with a month before arriving and they make reservations, since some restaurants in Paris are super difficult to get; it’s really worth it.
This is not a big hotel, I’m not talking about a hotel that will offer you lunch or a nice dinner. Le Citizen is in 3rd place in the ranking of the best hotels in Paris on Trip Advisor and has only 12 rooms!

lecitizen2 Here what counts is much more all the atmosphere that surrounds us: the rooms are cute and super well designed, the beds are delicious, you get an Ipad when you arrive with all your programming and apps about Paris, or for you to set one up and go around. the main thing is the team, with people who make you feel completely at home and among friends!
This is the hotel that I stay when I’m on vacation or to spend the weekend, not to mention that it is two blocks from my favorite bakery!
Super recommend!
Le Citizen Hotel is located at 96, Quai de Jemmapes – Paris

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