Le Meridien Etiler Istanbul | Hotels

Le Meridien Etiler Istanbul |  Hotels

I came to Istanbul at the invitation of Turkish Airlines to publicize Istanbul Shopping Fest, which I explain in a next post for you and also expand tourism in this city that is beautiful to live.
We came from confort class, which is like a Turkish semi-executive. The chairs are super spacious, they recline well, but they don’t lie down like a bed. The food is great and very well distributed in generous portions. For the sweet tooth like Paulo, there are small snacks that you can also grab at any time.
The bathroom is incredible. I have never seen a bathroom so spacious on any airline. In addition to foam soap, hand creams and sprays with the scent of lemon and verbena from Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, which are wonderful and that later on I came to discover the passion that the Turks have for lemon scented bath products and that I also like very much.
I arrived in Istanbul almost eleven at night, after a 12-hour flight. I’m not going to lie to you, because any trip this distance leaves every human being broken and with me it was no different.
The guide was already waiting for the group outside the airport and we got on the bus to go towards the Hotel Le Meridien Etiler, the first of three hotels that we would be staying in Istanbul.
We were welcomed at the Le Meridien Etiler hotel with a green and yellow non-alcoholic welcome drink, as you will soon see on the vlog kkkk. I found it super funny and cute at the same time.
At that time of the championship, my biological clock was completely changed, they went with Paulo to the gym to work out a little. Le Meridien’s gym is impeccable! It even has a pilates room and all equipment is super new! We finished working out at 3:30 in the morning and returned to the room, where we had a watermelon “pizza” waiting for us. If you haven’t seen it on my snap: daniellenoce, I’ll explain it to you. It was a slice of watermelon cut into 8 pieces and covered with peach, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, fresh apricot, dehydrated olives (which I had never tried and which is slightly sweet) and white chocolate chips. That was a treat for my stomach.
In addition, we received as a gift two packages of Turkish coffee and two very elegant cups.
I went to sleep but ended up waking up very early, at 8 am. As I only had an appointment with the group at 11 am, I ended up going swimming alone in that immense pool with the hotel’s starry roof. Only then my trip had already started very well.
The breakfast was amazing, curious that all the breakfasts in the hotels we went to had honeycomb plates on the table, which delighted me because it was something I always ate as a child and chewed wax like it was gum afterwards .
I loved Le Meridien and the view from my room to the Bosphorus Strait was well worth the visit. Too bad we only spent a day in it.

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