Le Pain Quotidien – NY

Le Pain Quotidien - NY

Ah Le Pain, Le Pain.
This Bakery has been part of my life since 2008, when I moved to NY and well, I also know that it is part of the life of Camila Costa, the ICKFD correspondent in SP. So, I make this post dedicated to you Ca.
Le Pain is a bakery that has 185 stores spread across the world and is of Belgian origin (despite the French name, which means “O Pão de dia dia”).
In my basic internet search, I found out that it was founded by a recently graduated chef, who decided to start making his own bread, as he was tired and unhappy with the breads that were sold in Brussels, the city where he lived. After developing the perfect recipe, made using natural yeast and organic ingredients, he opened a hatch and started the sustainable business line that permeates Le Pain, he furnished the small store with furniture found in antique shops and a single table, communal, finished off in a “flea market” – btw, I love this philosophy that we should share the table with people we don’t know, even for a few minutes, bringing the sense of community to cities as big and cosmopolitan as NY or SP. The first Le Pain Quotidien was born there.
pain quotidien3I probably stop for coffee much more at Le Pain than at Starbucks. I am passionate about the mini tartelettes that they sell: great tip for those who don’t want to lose the line in the diet and still feel the frugal pleasure of eating a lemon or raspberry, pistachio or chocolate tart. There is nothing better to accompany a coffee with milk… This pistachio in the photo is a very wet cake, made with Sicilian pistachio paste and covered in caramelized pistachios… Deliciosaaaaaa option for an afternoon snack accompanied by a chai latte with soy milk – believe me, it may look horrible but it has more flavor than the name appears, you would be surprised… .rs).
pain quotidien2The photos were taken one day when I met a dear friend who was passing through here. It was the first time I had breakfast at Le Pain. Although always full, the wait for tables is not great and here is the second tip for today: they have a choice of bread basket (4 types) that comes with butter, raspberry jam and a chocolate paste with butter hazelnut called Brunette who is FANTASTIC! The tip is that 4 people can share this basket peacefully and it is a trifle of $ 2.50 per person. In our case, we order a portion of hams and you can choose a portion of cheeses too, among the 3 varieties offered. Apart from breakfast options, they have a menu full of options of quiches or sandwiches accompanied by salad, for a small and healthy brunch, any day of the week.
pain quotidien1At Pantry (shop) you can find part of the products that are produced, marketed and used in the menu recipes, such as the raw granola in the photo or the Brunette that is served for breakfast, teas, bar chocolates, honey, coffee in powder… Everything organic, natural and produced in a sustainable way.
pain quotidien5If you care about the quality of the ingredients used and the sustainable philosophy of the brand, Le Pain should definitely be considered during your stay here.
I still don’t know Le Pain in SP and I’m curious to compare the two… When I do, I speak.
pain quotidien6For those who want more information about it, here’s the website: www.lepainquotidien.com. Here in New York, there is Le Pain in almost every neighborhood and it is open from early morning until night every day of the week.
pain quotidien4Bye bye and have a wonderful day !!

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