Lean into the New Year With these low-calorie snacks for New Year's Eve, you can feast without regrets
Lean into the new year with these low calorie snacks for

Lean into the New Year With these low-calorie snacks for New Year’s Eve, you can feast without regrets

The turn of the year is just around the corner and at this big festival too, feasting in the form of party snacks is on the program again.

Buffets, fondues and raclettes are often prepared as New Year’s Eve snacks to shorten the wait for the New Year. Feasting without regrets on New Year’s Eve? Is that possible? With a few tips you can save calories on New Year’s Eve, despite delicious food and a humid atmosphere, without having to forego culinary enjoyment. Appetizing party snacks and wholesome drinks let you slip into the new year slim and without feeling full.

Save calories and still enjoy

New Year’s Eve should be a great evening. Delicious food, appropriate decoration, lead pouring and shooting rockets are part of a successful evening and a great night. When it comes to New Year’s Eve snacks, you should give yourself some thought to avoid unrestrained access to unhealthy and high-calorie nibbles. Chips and flips are real calorie bombs and don’t fill you up. Instead, it’s worth reaching for low-calorie snacks like raw food sticks, carrots, and cucumbers. A light yogurt dip goes well with it. You can really save calories. At the buffet you should always use more vegetables, salads and fruit.

On New Year’s Eve, it has also become a tradition to put a large fondue on the table. Sitting together with family and friends and comfortably dipping meat and bread in hot fat and cheese is fun for everyone and bridges the gap. If you want to have low-calorie snacks here too, you can try the Chinese fondue alternative as a New Year’s Eve snack. You simply fill the fondue pot with broth.

One of your popular party snacks is often a raclette? Good as well. Your pan should have lots of vegetables and low-fat meat, few potatoes and only a small layer of cheese on top. This is how you get a low-calorie snack that tastes delicious too.

Alcoholic beverages – the number 1 calorie trap

Happy New Year! Alcoholic beverages are not only high in calories, they also create cravings for fatty foods and high-calorie snacks. Again, you can easily reduce the calories. Cocktails such as piña colada and creamy liqueurs contain a lot of sugar and usually also fatty cream. Therefore, you should prefer a light wine spritzer or a glass of Prosecco. It is also very important that you drink a lot of water and only sip the alcoholic beverages. This way you save calories and slip into the new year in a figure-conscious way.

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Lose weight healthily
These 10 snacks fill you up – and are low in calories

The greatest enemy of any diet is hunger. What helps against this are healthy filling.

Do without desserts?

No, but cakes, pies and ice cream are real calorie bombs as New Year’s Eve snacks. It doesn’t help if you’ve nibbled on vegetable sticks beforehand and now completely expire the sweets. You should also use low-calorie snacks for desserts. A scoop of lemon ice cream sorbet only has 40 calories. In contrast, a scoop of chocolate ice cream has 120 calories. You don’t have to do without the sweet pleasure of the chocolate fountain. The best thing about it are the different fruits and for real enjoyment a small splash of chocolate is enough and a successful party snack is ready.

But over-the-top?

Unfortunately, you sinned while eating and drinking on New Year’s Eve and only tried a few low-calorie snacks? To soothe your guilty conscience, you can start putting your resolutions into practice right away in the New Year. You should hold back a little when eating and really save calories. In addition, a long New Year’s walk is a great way to start the year.

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