Lean quark The power food for more fitness

Lean quark The power food for more fitness

No matter whether shortly before the next half marathon or before training in the gym: low-fat quark is regularly on the table of athletes. Why can we confidently call the animal product a power food? We’ll tell you here.

Calorie saver

Thanks to low-fat quark, it is easily possible to end the day with a negative energy balance. Because a cup of the cream cheese product – after all, 250 grams – contains only 170 calories and less than one gram of fat.

Protein bomb

In contrast, skimmed quark is bursting with protein: 13 grams are contained in 100 grams. A woman with a body weight of 60 kilograms can cover half of her daily requirement with one cup. Especially since the human body can mainly process animal protein. Although this is also found in meat, the heart can be stressed by the cholesterol and saturated fatty acids it contains.


A cup of low-fat quark with muesli, fruits and nuts – the full breakfast is ready and will keep you full until lunch. Because the body takes significantly longer to digest proteins than it does with carbohydrates. It is also because the nutrient density is high, but the energy density is low. In other words, lots of energy with few calories!

Diet helper

The advantage of dieting: you will ideally lose body fat and water. The disadvantage: In lean times, the body also uses muscle mass. But that is exactly not your goal. Fortunately, low-fat quark helps to balance the protein balance during the diet – so that your hard-earned muscles don’t go away.

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Training partner

Speaking of hard work: low-fat quark is a good tip, especially after strength training. The contained glutamine promotes regeneration, the amino acid leucine promotes muscle building. Who still needs artificial protein shakes?

All-round talent

No, you don’t have to shovel a mug of pure low-fat curd into yourself now. The otherwise rather bland milk product can be refined with the juice of a fresh lime and a little honey, the typical dry consistency can be spiced up with a sip of sparkling mineral water.

It is best to integrate the power food in the menu in the morning or after exercise. In addition to muesli, skimmed quark also goes perfectly with a fruit shake or on bread. In the evening, it is ideal as a dip for vegetable sticks or oven vegetables together with herbs.

Only low-fat quark and fruit!  How does she want to gain weight?

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