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Often times, losing weight comes to a halt after initial success and you don’t see any further progress. But that’s just a sign that you’ve reached a certain plateau. This is how you break the strike on the scales!

A plateau or level is an apparent or measurable point at which your weight loss efforts have stalled. Now it’s time to make some changes to your behavior so that you can overcome the plateau and keep losing weight.

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Weight loss plateau: that’s it

The online lifestyle magazine “grazia-magazin.de” reports that there are various reasons that cause a stagnation in losing weight and therefore keep you on a plateau. These include:

  • The cheat day: If you notice a stagnation in losing weight, it could also be due to a cheat day that you just passed. After all, on a day like this you can treat yourself to whatever you feel like doing. Of course, this also includes high-calorie and fatty foods. Therefore, also pay attention to what you eat on a cheat day so as not to endanger your weight loss success.

  • An inappropriate diet: If you don’t adapt your diet to your weight loss, you will quickly land on a weight loss plateau. Remember: the more fat you lose, the fewer calories you need a day. Therefore, you should eat differently and less than when you started your diet.

  • Too much routine: Especially in sport, you can quickly reach a plateau if you always train in the same way. You therefore have to increase your fitness exercises and, above all, provide variety in order to avoid stopping when losing weight and get away from your plateau as quickly as possible.

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Weight loss tips
These diet tips will really help you lose weight

There are many tips for losing weight. The best tips have a scientific basis and have been tried and tested in practice. We’ll show you how you can really lose weight.

So you can overcome a plateau when losing weight

To get started again quickly and lose even more pounds, here are a few tips on how you can overcome a plateau when losing weight in a jiffy:

  • Keep moving: Especially at the beginning of a diet you are still highly motivated and do a lot of sport. That subsides over time. However, exercise is essential if you want to lose weight as it boosts your metabolism. Try to keep your workout quota by more variety in training. Your body always sees itself challenged and you make progress instead of standing still when losing weight.

  • Pay attention to calories: You should always pay attention to the intake of calories during training and your diet and constantly adjust your food intake to the weight loss you have achieved.

  • Low-carb diet: Your food should be as low in carbohydrates as possible during your diet. This way you lose weight faster because your body has to fall back on fat reserves to gain energy.

If you heed these tips, you will avoid losing weight and the plateau effect is no longer an issue for you. This is how you achieve continuous progress while dieting – even when it gets difficult.

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