Learn how to Increase Lips with Make

Learn how to Increase Lips with Make

If there is a trend that definitely caught on, it was the big mouth. And there’s no shortage of different makeup techniques for enlarge the lips!
Of course, today there are several types of fillers that already do this job – I even made a video talking about mine. Still, even those who have aesthetic procedures do not fail to bet on make-up to have the mouth of their dreams. So let’s learn some steps to rock the card?
Learn how to Increase Lips with Make


Before starting any makeup, what do we need to do? HYDRATE! To achieve the best possible result, the ideal is to exfoliate your lips. That way those unwanted hairs end up being removed during the process. That done, the next step is hydration with a good lip balm.
Oh, and know that applying lip balm should be a daily task – not just for makeup time. Several factors contribute to our lips becoming dry, so it is important to maintain a routine of care for the region.

Liquid Paper

Since we want our mouth to look bigger than it really is, we need to neutralize its natural contour. But Dani, how do I do this? Simple! With a good concealer!
Give preference to the most dry concealers, which are ideal for texture and coverage of the lips. The application is done with light taps until the place has a uniform color.

Side dish

Now the step that everyone already knows: the outline! I recommend using a lip pencil mouth color to make the line beyond its natural contour. Thus, the impression of filling is more delicate, while highlighting the mouth.
And no stretching your lips to make the outline, okay? With your mouth closed, draw the line from the cupid’s bow and only then draw the surroundings. Then, just apply the lipstick you prefer ?


Have you ever imagined using illuminator on cupid bow? This trick ends up creating a feeling of a “sticky” lip, consequently increasing the appearance of volume. If you’re still not that tip, it’s worth a try.


Did you put all these steps into action and still miss the volume? If you play in gloss! In addition to making the lips shine, the mouth looks fuller and more defined.
Then tag me on Instagram if you try one of these techniques, em? I want to see everyone rocking ❤️

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