Learn how to sanitize fruits and vegetables!

Learn how to sanitize fruits and vegetables!

We are going through a period of global pandemic, and there is little care. Although some measures seem extreme, such as the food hygiene, are necessary actions to avoid contamination not only by COVID-19, but also by other bacteria that may be located in these products.
We need, more than ever, to strengthen our immune system, and fruits and vegetables are essential. So don’t be afraid to buy and consume these foods. The secret is how to wash them all to avoid contamination. If you still have doubts about the need for this task, here is a brief explanation:
Some experts and the
World Health Organization claim that the coronavirus can survive for hours and even days on some surfaces. As we cannot control the hygiene of those who touch these foods at the market or at the fair, it is essential to take care of the correct cleaning of these products at home.
So, with all this in mind, we will explain to you how to clean these foods
in natura! These are very simple steps that can help to reduce the coronavirus growth curve, in addition to keeping your health safer ?


Learn how to sanitize fruits and vegetables!

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As soon as you get home with your purchases, place them in a corner of the sink or on the table. Then, remove and discard all packaging. That done, it’s time to fill the sink basin or a basin with water.
It is important to count how many liters will fit in the space you are going to use, so try to count with the aid of a measuring jar. With the container already filled with water, dilute the neutral bleach. Here, it is necessary to take two precautions: the proportion and the type of bleach.
As for the proportion, the correct measure is: for each liter of water, just one tablespoon of bleach. Do not add more chemicals than necessary, because in large quantities it is toxic to our health. Also, use water pure sanitary, without adding other bleaches, dyes or flavors.


Learn how to sanitize fruits and vegetables!

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Having the mixture of bleach and water ready, just dip all the fruits and vegetables. To make the cleaning even better, gently rub these foods with your hand or with a clean sponge, using the water that is being used to sanitize the product.
Then, just let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes so that the bleach has enough time to act and kill all bacteria and viruses. It is even worth putting an alarm clock to not forget everything soaking for a long time!
Oh, and while they’re soaking, don’t forget to clean the countertop you used to support your purchases ?


Learn how to sanitize fruits and vegetables!

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Now that you have soaked these foods, you can rest assured about the virus. However, it is necessary to take another precaution: avoid poisoning due to the used bleach. So, discard used water (or set aside to clean the house) and start washing in running water its fruits and vegetables.
Place everything that has been washed in the drying rack or on top of the sink and let it dry well. If you want, you can use paper towels to speed up the process. They need to be very dry before being stored in the refrigerator – which, incidentally, also needs to be well sanitized to receive these clean foods.


Learn how to sanitize fruits and vegetables!

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Some foods, due to this hygiene process, end up accelerating their maturation. To prevent your bananas from spoiling, for example, it is ideal that they are bought while still green.
In addition, the position of the food also interferes with the ripening of others. Fruits such as bananas, apples, avocados and mangoes release ethylene gas, which is responsible for accelerating the ripening process. Therefore, place them away from vegetables, which need to last longer in the refrigerator.
Another detail that many people ask themselves: vinegar is not potent enough to eliminate all viruses and bacteria. For it to have any effect, it would have to be used in large quantities and can leave a residual flavor. So, put the ingredient aside and bet on pure bleach.
Remembering that all these tips must be done at the same time that personal hygiene care is taken. Wear a mask, wash your hands well and always be with alcohol gel to accompany you. Keep your distance from people and fulfill social isolation whenever you can!

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