Learn how to use asymmetric parts

Learn how to use asymmetric parts

It is normal that we end up falling into the routine and always using the same pieces in the same way, right? That is why it is always good to try new styles and models that end up leaving the most modern and creative look.
Asymmetric pieces are there for that! Just one skirt completely changes that cotton shirt! And the dresses? One more beautiful than the other and with a super unusual modeling.
How about putting together a more modern look?

Blazer / Coat

Photo 1 – Koogal / Photo 2 – Then Let It Be / Photo 3 – Reproduction Pinterest

It is still winter, but the temperatures fluctuate so much that it is difficult to define what clothes to wear. Asymmetrical blazers are great options, as they can be used as warmer dresses. The look is very modern and sexy, especially when combined with sandals or boots. Coats with this type of modeling help to create a cooler and chic silhouette.


Photo 1 – Fashion Magazine / Photo 2 – Closet Full of Clothes / Photo 3 – The Blonde Salad

Asymmetrical skirts are super versatile! You can compose with simpler shirts or blouses of nobler fabrics. Despite being a fan of the twisted piece in cotton (last photo), the fluid fabrics are incredible in motion. The prints make the look even more Cool!

Dress – Bar

Photo 1 – Le Fashion / Photo 2 – Nawo / Photo 3 – Yoelijocoser

The “pointy” dresses leave the look very cool and form the perfect pair with sneakers! Opt for more structured dresses, of finer fabrics to make the combination and create a very cool mix. If you want a dress that is looser and even more impactful, heels are the best option.

Dress – Shoulder


Photo 1 – Street Style Fashion / Photo 2 – Street Spector / Photo 3 – What Pixies use

Dresses with an asymmetrical or work collar are just amazing for taking the look out of sameness. They are elegant and sophisticated, in addition to leaving the obvious hopefully falling or reaching.



Photo 1 – Helena Bordon / Photo 2 – The Wedding / Photo 3 – Girl Dress Finds

Coming out of monotony, asymmetrical party dresses are much more unusual and surprising. The models can vary a lot: with or be cutouts, mullets, slits … The look is modern and very chic.



Photo 1 – The Fashion Tag / Photo 2 – Helena Bordon / Photo 3 – Pop Sugar

There is no denying that skirts end up being the most “usable” options. I chose these looks because they are very cool and run away from the usual. The asymmetrical leather skirt with zipper has already become a classic and looks great with jeans, heels, sneakers … If you are the fashionista genre, you can mix even more modern items and create a unique look (photo 2).

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