learn how to use the foliage print in the decoration

learn how to use the foliage print in the decoration

Environments with a tropical touch always make my heart beat faster. In addition to the mix of textures and more rustic materials, the leaves and arrangements make all the difference in space. For those who, like me, want to bring this climate more easy and to relax for decoration, I have a tip that can make everything easier: invest in foliage prints.

Picture – Hometeka

Today, there are several products with this more tropical design and the prints of palm leaves and monsteras dominate the category! You can bet on both a powerful wallpaper and a simple everyday game ?



Photos – Baba Souk, Decor Pad and Casa de Valentina

For those who want to make the atmosphere of this decor very explicit, it’s worth betting on a beautiful wallpaper. Just place it on one wall and the whole environment changes. Living rooms, bedrooms, offices and even bathrooms can gain all this tropicalist charm.
In more formal spaces, such as an office, I recommend papers with a dark background. The models with a light background are perfect for more relaxed areas and compose very well with light wood.



Photos – Oh Kay, Best Homes and Gardens and Etsy

A more discreet way of bringing nature into the environment is to invest in paintings. I love walls full of frames and posters, so bringing these foliage prints into the comics are great alternatives to a more modern decor.
For those who prefer a more minimalist style, just bet on a unique frame. In fact, a large model is an excellent option for environments without windows or that do not have views of trees and plants ?



Photos – Ali Express, @villastyling and Urban Glamours

As I love a good mix of prints in the decoration, I always use different pillows. Combining several prints helps to bring the tropical reference in a delicate way in the environment.
If your intention is really an environment that looks like a beach or country house, I recommend combining these pieces on linen sofas – the result is a decoration cool and very sophisticated!

On the table


Decor Easy, Pinterest and Home Decor

Another cute and unusual way to bring the foliage indoors is to invest in details on the dining table. In a fraternization with friends, for example, these details do not go unnoticed.
The leaves of palm trees and / or monsteras (natural or artificial) can serve as coasters or even decorative trays! A charm, right?

Where to find?

Foliage prints are already true classics and, for that reason, they are very easy to find! To make your choices easier, I selected some of my favorite pieces ?

  1. Casa Deco at Mobly | R $ 43.90
  2. SouQ Store | R $ 149.00
  3. Store House | R $ 75.00
  4. Allodi at Mobly | R $ 114.99
  5. Imaginarium R $ 34.90

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