Learn More about the Course: Confectionery with Dani Noce

Learn More about the Course: Confectionery with Dani Noce

More than sharing recipes and tips for the day-to-day in the confectionery, I always had the desire (not to say dream) to organize all my knowledge acquired in the courses I took around the world and, of course, in my experience. Anyone who follows the channel knows that I love to develop unusual recipes, but for that, a theoretical and practical basis is essential.
For these reasons, I finally developed a online course for those who want deepen your knowledge in the business or even give all the base for those starting and wants to learn from scratch the main techniques and confectionery concepts. Today the registrations opened and I couldn’t be happier!
Learn More about the Course: Confectionery with Dani Noce
Will be 18 lessons and more than 50 recipes that result in more than 7 hours of theoretical course. In addition, you will also have access to a handout as support material and many hours in the kitchen testing and putting all this knowledge into practice.
Want more? People who buy the course until the 2nd of March will have nothing less than 30% off, early access to course content and an exclusive live with an extra recipe in which I will answer the most recurring questions. You can’t miss the opportunity, right? Then, you can already run to the website confeitariacomdaninoce.com.br and buy your course with all these advantages!

All content will be released on early April and after your purchase is approved, it will be available for 1 year. The handout will be available for download, since the videos can be watched as many times as you want during this period.
“But Dani, what will be the classes of the course”? This is a very recurring question, but the explanation for each one is already on the site! There will be classes on utensils and home appliances, fresh ingredients, use of the main ingredients in preparations, use of gelatine, classic creams, french confectionery, chocolate… It is really a lot of content that will give you the necessary basis to create your own recipes and even give that modified in the classics when necessary.
From now on, all your questions will be answered by the Customer Service. So, don’t be shy and send all your questions to the email [email protected].
I hope you enjoyed this news as much as I do and I will be very happy to meet you on the live, okay? I can’t wait for the official launch and to receive all your feedback! And let many other courses come from now on 😉

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