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Lekitsch is a super cool bar / restaurant that is next to Roosevelt Square. Roosevelt has already become a point for the coolest people in SP to go drinking, chatting and having fun.
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At Lekitsch the atmosphere is ultra pleasant, with good music (usually plays rock) and kitschy decor (as the name says) with pieces that seem to have been handpicked. All very cool for you to have fun with a crowd or even go with your boyfriend and eat a good dinner.
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I went to have fun with Paulo over there and we loved the atmosphere. Super relaxed and all the waiters were very attentive. I ordered a Clericot to open the night in style. The drink came in a pineapple-shaped jar, more kitschy than impossible. The super balanced drink with many of the fruits I love the most was delicious. In the end it is clear that I was attacking the berries, especially the strawberries and star fruit which were ultra sweet.
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For snacking I ordered a mix of mini pastries and a basket of rice balls with gorgonzola, which is a must. For dinner, Paulo ordered a hamburger that was exactly like those made at home, even the bread tasted like a mother. Really good. And to try to keep a little on the diet, I ordered a couscous from São Paulo that accompanies a green salad. I swear I’m not a big fan of couscous from São Paulo, but this was one of the best I’ve ever eaten.
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I only have compliments for this place so charming, which is here on the side of the house and which is perfect even to sit and have a drink with friends watching people and life go by the square.
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PHOTOS: PAULO CUENCA – Instagram: @paulocuenca

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