Lena Dunham Slimed Down!

Lena Dunham Slimed Down!

She is a woman who loves her curves – or at least she was. Now it seems Lena Dunham is bowing to Hollywood’s lean pressure …

It’s no secret that the The pressure in Hollywood is huge is. The ladies nibble on a leaf of lettuce at most times Regular customers at the Beauty Doc And if nothing helps, the stress can be suppressed with a sip of alcohol or a small stimulant. No, it really doesn’t sound healthy. But success justifies the means! At least that’s what some celebrity ladies believe. We are against the fact that things can also be different “Girls” star Lena Dunham (29) proved. The likeable actress has curves – and also stands for it! At least that has always been the case so far. But now it seems as if the New Yorker would Bending pressure from the film industry.

Lose Weight For Success?

On their latest Instagram selfie shows the actress significantly slimmer than a few weeks ago. Still would critic presumably indicate that Lena also nowt not thin yet is. But it doesn’t have to be, we will find it. Sure, at first glance it is unusual Woman with curves in underwear to see. You only know this sight from yourself – but not from Hollywood stars. But that’s exactly what makes Lena Dunham so special. Especially when you consider the fact that they are like a normal woman looks like that Secret of their success is.

Our appeal to the 29-year-old is therefore: Please stay as you are! Because precisely because women with XXS measurements are in charge in Hollywood, it is wonderfully refreshing “One of us” seen in their midst.

We show you the video of Lena Dunham’s new look above!

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