Lent This is how you survive the six weeks of waiver

Lent This is how you survive the six weeks of waiver

Lent – it sounds like cleaning, losing weight, doing something good for the body. Regardless of whether you want to avoid it for religious reasons or as a diet – the temptation to break the fast is always great. We’ll give you a few tips on how to persevere.

Christian Lent begins exactly 40 days before Easter Sunday. During this time, the believers are supposed to keep to certain food commandments, give alms and take more part in church services. Many people today regard Lent as a time of renunciation, even apart from religion. You want to come down, distance yourself from excess and do something good for your body. The desire to lose weight naturally also plays a role.


After the carnival
Lent: The Biggest Myths

Traditionally, people fast after the carnival – those who are religious do this to prepare for Easter. Occasional fasting is also good for the body and mind. But: The following fasting myths are unfortunately untrue.

Create self-motivation

Do not see Lent as a compulsion. Set feasible goals – for example, to avoid meat or a certain sweet – and think of alternatives that you can eat instead. Of course, you need a positive attitude towards fasting. If you only think about what you are not “allowed” to do, the fast will not work.

Fasting with friends

Fasting is much easier together! If your partner or best friend is also reluctant, you will not be tempted so easily. Control each other and motivate you to persevere.

Distract with exercise

Sport not only supports the goal of cleansing the body, but also distracts. Food cravings become less common if you exercise sensibly. Sometimes simply drinking an herbal tea against the appetite for sweets and filling the stomach helps.

Don’t give up too soon

A slip is not a problem. But then don’t give up according to the motto: “It doesn’t matter now”. So you’ll be all the more proud if you stick it out for the rest of the six weeks! Incidentally, the appetite for alcohol or sweets is a matter of habit. It may well be that after fasting you don’t feel like eating gummy bears at all.

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