Let the jump go

Let the jump go

Heels are beautiful, wonderful and all good… Well, not everything is good! Wearing heels for a long time hurts soooo much and I know you guys understand me. Sneakers are great alternatives to complement the look and I’ll show you why!



Photo 1 – Casar Casar / Photo 2 – Fashion idea zz / Photo 3 – Mod Wedding

The sneaker with a round toe is the most classic! This is the most feminine and romantic model, especially with a strap on the ankle (photo 2). The variations are endless: colorful, with applications, embroidery, bows, shine … You will surely find one that will make your style!



Foto 1 – Coisinha Store / Foto 2 – Pursuit of Shoes / Foto 3 – Style Me Pretty

Models with a pointed tip are more cool and the best thing is that they help to stretch your legs! If you choose a nude model, the effect is even better! It is increasingly common to see these models on the feet of fashionistas and in the collections of major brands.



Photo 1 – Fashion society / Photo 2 – Lolobu / Photo 3 – Sincerely Jules

This sneaker became a hit! Super modern and funky, they look great with shorts, skirts, dresses and shorter pants – all the pieces that show the ties! The model draws attention, so choose more neutral tones.



Photo 1 – Who’s Wearing / Photo 2 – Pix HD / Photo 3 – Santa Boutique

When we think of sneakers and flat shoes, comfort is essential. For this reason, casual looks make up very well with the model. They are great for trips and longer walks, but it is always good to lacquer before using so as not to hurt your heel.

At work


Photo 1 – Bramble Wood Fashion / Photo 2 – Fashion Fashion / Photo 3 – Lacooletchic

If you work in a more informal environment, use and abuse your sneakers! If you work in a formal office, you can wear them on Fridays, with midi skirts or pants!



Photo 1 – That Malarkey / Photo 2 – Fashion Bomb Daily / Photo 3 – Glamor USA

If you are already tall or cannot enjoy a party because of the heels, you need not be afraid to wear your ballet shoes for ballads and more formal events! Look for more elegant and sophisticated models, with applications or shine. Another cool tip is to choose models with pointed toes, precisely because they lengthen the silhouette (more or less like heels).
It is more and more common to go to parties and see a lot of people abolishing their heels! How about trying?

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