Let the syrup drain!  Indulgent cake inspirations
Let the syrup drain indulgent cake inspirations

Let the syrup drain! Indulgent cake inspirations

It is always like this: as soon as the cake enters the hot oven, raw and full of wanting to grow, I already move my anxious hands in search of a topping that completes the sweet. Because sometimes – I don’t know if that happens to you, but here it is commonplace – the syrup decision comes while the cake comes to life inside, you know? I almost never serve cake without syrup, after all, one was born for the other as I was born for both, so it remains to decide how the texture and flavor of the most liquid topping will be – will it be a ganache, a fondant or that daring caramel.
Because of this beautiful union of fluffy mass and moist syrup, it is necessary to think about the final result, the decoration. In this post, I come to propose that your next cake be forgiving! Let the syrup drain, be it chocolate, caramel or jam. Allow it to scroll through the sides of the cake, gaining space and teasing whoever is looking. If you want recipes to help you, click here. It’s even worth making a softer brigadeiro and spreading it over a freshly baked cake!
I separated here some amazing photos to bring out the creativity in you. Here you can check muuuuuitas cake recipes, so just run to the kitchen, right? To start, Churros, made with the cutest cinnamon dough in the world and covered with dulce de leche; D

Photos: Paulo Cuenca and Danielle Noce
Kiss and good cake for you; D

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