Let’s go! Summer ready: this is how you get rid of your armpit fat!

Let's go!  Summer ready: this is how you get rid of your armpit fat!

As is well known, some problem areas see the light of day in summer, which were allowed to hibernate comfortably under knitted sweaters in the cold months. So does this annoying culprit: the bra fat. The small fat deposits in the armpit area in most cases indicate that your upper arms could use a little more training. With these tips and exercises you can declare war on bra bacon and say hello to off-the-shoulder tops!

It may sound like a small problem area at first, but it’s no less annoying: the bra or armpit fat. These are the nasty love handles that are located below the armpits and can bulge ugly around the bra. First of all: don’t worry! This is a common “problem” for women.

In the video above: These exercises will help you get slim arms!

But how does it actually come about? As always, the usual suspects genetics, diet and lifestyle play the main roles. Some women are more likely to gain weight on their buttocks and legs and others on their stomach and arms. Increasing age and little training can also slacken the muscles in the armpit area. This process can be counteracted with exercise and a balanced diet, among other things.

These 4 tips and tricks will help to reduce the love handles under the armpits:

1. Find the right bra

First of all, you should create the perfect conditions for training and changing your diet with the right bra! It’s important to wear a well-fitting bra that is perfectly fitted to your body. If this is too tight, the best arm training can do nothing against bulging armpit fat! The shape and position of the wearer should also fit. The best thing to do is to get advice from a specialist shop.

2. Change your diet

Now it’s time for the bacon! As always, a lot can be achieved with a healthy, balanced diet. To do this, you should rely on valuable carbohydrates from whole grains such as oat flakes, rye bread or whole grain pasta. Protein-containing foods such as chickpeas, lentils or eggs are also desired and surprisingly, a fatty food such as the avocado is also allowed from time to time. The “good” unsaturated fatty acids are well disposed towards you!

3. Exercises to strengthen the arm muscles

With the right training, you can work wonders! We recommend doing these exercises three to four times a week – because there is no price without hard work.

1. Butterflies

Unfortunately, this exercise isn’t quite as nice as it sounds. For butterflies, lie on your back and straighten your arms straight up. It is important that the arms remain slightly bent to protect the elbows! Now bring your arms stretched sideways almost to the floor, as if you were drawing a semicircle in the air. Hold the tension briefly at the lowest point and then bring it back up. You repeat the whole thing 30 times. At first this exercise will be strenuous enough even without additional weights, later you can use dumbbells to intensify the workout.

2. Planks

For the plank or upper arm support, you start in the four-footed position: your arms are stretched out under your shoulders, your legs are bent. Then you get into a kind of push-up position. Now you lean on your forearms, your hands clasped in a fist. Your body forms a straight line, your gaze goes towards the floor to relieve the neck. Now comes the exhausting part: hold. Try to hold this position for a minute and repeat as often as you can.

3. Rowing with dumbbells

The name says it all! There is a dumbbell in each hand (two to five kilograms each). Then stand upright, hip-width apart, with your knees slightly bent and lean a little forward with your back straight. Now hold the weights in your bent arms next to your waist, with your elbows pointing backwards. Now stretch your arms straight down, then tense them again and pull them towards your waist. Try to “pinch” your shoulder blades together. You repeat this rowing movement 30 times.

You haven’t had enough yet? There are even more exercises for slim arms here

Young woman in sports outfit doing push-ups

Firm & tight
The best exercises for slim arms

Bye bye wink meat! With this workout for firm, well-formed arms, you get your muscles going.

4. Last but not least: stretch!

Those who train also have to stretch: In addition to preventing sore muscles, beautifully defined, long and lean muscles are formed!

1. Stretching for the rear upper arm muscles

Raise one arm behind the back of your head and bend it at the elbow behind your back so that you touch your shoulder blade. With the other hand you now gently press your elbow down until you feel a slight pull. Repeat the whole thing on the other side, of course.

2. Stretching for the forearm muscles

Stand on four feet and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor. Make sure that your fingertips are facing you. Now bring your upper body backwards until you feel a strong but comfortable stretch in your forearms up to your shoulder.

With these tips and tricks we are ready for summer!

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