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Lists. I love to do, read and check lists. Here I find a list of 29 unmissable things to do in NYC in the fall. Did it have food in the middle? Yes sir. What’s more, in one of the tips they said it was the best cookie of life and if you’re wearing a cardigan it gets even better. I’m talking about chocolate chip cookie with hazelnut gives Levain Bakery which, by the way, was on my list of visas and not visited. And the excuse for the delay in tasting this delight is that it was too hot to put on a coat, obviously. Another flavor in the cold – haha.
To speak of “any food” in New York City better is minimally pretentious. Even more when we talk about cookies, as there is a clear riga among its addicts. Let us draw an imaginable line that has two ends: crunchy and soft. Think of all the combinations with these two characteristics at the edges, or in the middle or just all crunchy or that all fluffy. And don’t forget the intensity variable. Confused? It’s more or less how I felt thinking about the best cookie in life.
It looks like a volcano. With melted chocolate exploding with each bite, it is, yes, crunchy all over its surface and inside the dough is super soft. The pieces of hazelnuts still add a bit of crispness. It is sensational and big, worth every penny of your 4 dollars. Well, as it is crunchy and soft, in such a perfect texture, that I think Bakery appeals to many.
I didn’t just stop at the cookie. the house has several breads, from those family size, like ciabatta and baguette, but also individual options of brioche, muffins and cakes. As a cinnamon lover, I tried Cinnamon Brioche ($ 3.50). It was divine warm and buttered at my breakfast the next day.
This is certainly a sure address to check out a delicious cookie and explore the region of Upper West Side. Levain Bakery is on 74th Street, 167. Go there and tell us about your perfect cookie!

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