Lifestyle Guide I bet your day will get better if you take THESE tips to heart ...!?
Lifestyle guide i bet your day will get better if

Lifestyle Guide I bet your day will get better if you take THESE tips to heart …!?

Sure, we all have a bad day – but the following tips will definitely make it easier to prevent today’s from being one. Because they enable us to do only what suits us, our lifestyle and our well-being in the morning. Promised!

“How your morning begins begins with you!, “Every day has a chance to be a perfect one if you want it to! or “Start the day as it suits you! – of course, sentences like this sound philosophical at first. But there is actually so much truth in them, as they contain some of the quintessentials of a happy life.

Incidentally, this has not only been true since the Danish word “Hygge (translatable according to “Duden with: “The art of simple life) has made it into everyday linguistic usage and the Danes, thanks in part to their lifestyle secret, are in pole position in statistics as the “happiest nation secured, as reported by numerous media. Because scientific facts also prove how important it is to rely on what is meant in these sentences – that which makes us personally happy. For professional success, for strong nerves in mom’s everyday life, for power that we need in everyday life. But what actually makes us happy?

The fact is: whoever “will be happy Googles, gets over 28 million hits in around 30 seconds. And no, we don’t have to read through all of this content to get the answer to the question of all questions. Basically, it is enough to take a look at your own morning routine and the breakfast that goes with it to find out what is really good for us. And to see how we start the day in such a way that we benefit from it throughout the day. So what kind of morning are you?

1. Tip for the perfect start to the day as a bundle of energy: fill your power tanks in the morning

This is what makes the bundle of energy: While others have to torture themselves out of bed, a real bundle of energy is already on their toes in the morning – in the truest sense of the word: With a lot of power, in a good mood and maximally active, the bundle of energy prefers to start the day. For example with sports. The morning in particular therefore decides the rest of the day for the bundle of energy: From the first minute, the reserves are collected that a bundle of energy naturally needs for its fast-paced lifestyle. Does that apply to you too?

That makes the day perfect: Above all, it is a varied diet that gives the bundle of energy the strength it needs for the day. Because, of course, a real bundle of energy not only proves power in the morning. It is all the more important to have a balanced breakfast mix that is rich in vitamins (good mood!), Proteins (muscle building!) And calcium. All of this can be found, for example, in a delicious apple breakfast porridge or a fresh pink smoothie with beetroot and grapefruit. The highlight: With plant-based alternatives such as the organic soy drink or the soy-yoghurt alternative from Alpro, these variations are rich in vegetable protein and calcium – and full of vitamins thanks to the fresh fruit ingredients.

2. Tip for the perfect start to the day as real sunshine: create moments of wellbeing

This is what makes the sunshine: Anyone who starts every day with a large dose of enthusiasm can only be one thing: real sunshine. Enjoyment and slowing down are on the program from the first second of the day. Sunshine finds pure happiness in it! Many people envied him for his ease and his openness to new things. No wonder, after all, sunshine begins every day as others – if at all – only admit it on a Sunday. The sunshine, on the other hand, takes time out of conviction for a conscious morning. Only then can the rest of the day come with its challenges. You know that all too well?

That makes the day perfect: A sunshine loves to be inspired. That is exactly what gives moments of happiness. However, this also means that a new recipe, an extraordinary ingredient, a surprising variation should always be conjured up on the breakfast table. This is precisely why the following applies here: try new things – sometimes in the form of new breakfast trends to make you feel good, sometimes in the form of plant-based alternatives (e.g. from Alpro).

But how does every morning become a special one? Lifestyle blogger Linda (blog: “”) reveals in the following video which trends are currently inspiring professionals – and thus making every breakfast a real feel-good moment. Get inspired:

3rd tip for the perfect start to the day as a sleepyhead: outsmart yourself

This is what makes the sleepyhead: Jump up when the alarm goes off, shower, have breakfast, go? This is out of the question for a real sleepyhead. Instead, she prefers to get the most out of her time in the morning – and in the end she doesn’t have a minute to start the day really relaxed. So it’s no wonder that they regularly set new records for “time from getting up to leaving the house sets up. This is exactly why she relies on simple routines in the morning, only wants – if at all – to dig into the fridge for a moment and not have to conjure up an elaborate breakfast first. Sure, because the professional snoozer really doesn’t have time for that in the morning … Well, does that sound familiar to you?

That makes the day perfect: Uncomplicated handling – that’s what the sleepyhead is all about in the morning. And that’s precisely because she knows that she actually never has time. Everything that could stop in any way and would ultimately only create stress must therefore be avoided! Above all, recipes that can be prepared the evening before are the guarantee for the strength that a sleepyhead needs for the rest of the day. Thanks to trendy overnight oats or a practical muesli variation “to go” this is exactly what you can do: prepare, have a balanced breakfast, and have the power to start the day quickly. Prepared with the original oat drink from Alpro, sleepyheads benefit in a simple way from the effects of the vitamins B2, B12 and D and from the richness of fiber (pssst: makes you full longer!).

Speaking of oat, soy or coconut drinks: on “ find out which plant drink really suits you. You can take the test here!

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