Light and low in calories Delicious: Melons are the superfood of summer

Light and low in calories Delicious: Melons are the superfood of summer

On hot days, there is nothing like eating light and low in calories. We’ll tell you why melons are the best snack here.

Vegetables and fruits are not only healthy and tasty, but also indispensable for losing weight. If you want something very refreshing on your menu, then you should definitely grab the superfood melon now. Why? We’ll tell you here.

The types of melons are there

According to the nutrition portal “” there are more than 500 different types of melons, which botanically belong to the fruit vegetables. The most famous representatives are:

  • Honeydew melons: also called sugar melons. They are the heaviest and largest melons and are characterized by their smooth skin.

  • Net melons: They have a characteristic network structure on the shell.

  • Cantalupmelons: They are round and usually have a smooth shell.

  • Watermelons: They are big and have a green shell.

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Which melons are particularly healthy?

All types of melons are super healthy. They consist of over 90 percent water and contain important nutrients. There are differences here, however. While sugar melons contain vitamin C and beta-carotene as well as the minerals potassium and calcium in large quantities the amount of vitamins and minerals in watermelons is lower.

Here you can find out which local superfood you can use to get slim and healthy!

Basil seeds superfood

Local superfood
Lean and healthy thanks to basil seeds

It grows in the garden at home, it is absolutely delicious and many of us already have it in the kitchen: basil. But the Italian super spice can do much more than taste good. We explain to you why the seeds of the plant are the new superfood.

These melons are the fewest in calories

For weight loss and for a diet, all types of melons are basically suitable in terms of calorie content, because they only provide 32 to 35 kilocalories per 100 grams. That is hardly worth mentioning. Also are straight Watermelons are particularly suitable as a thirst quencher during a dietbecause they can replace one or the other fruit juice.

However, caution is advised with the proportion of fructose in melons. One kilogram of melon already contains 40 grams of fructose. Fructose is absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly through the small intestine than normal sugar, but when consumed the blood sugar level also rises. Particularly for diabetics, caution is required here.

Melons: Low in calories and refreshing

Whether you prefer watermelons or sugar melons, there are countless ways you can incorporate them into your diet. Simply enjoy pure in between meals or in the form of a fruit salad for dessert.

You can try a particularly tasty variant when grilling. To do this, a few pieces of watermelon are placed on the grill until they get light grill marks. Then season the still warm pieces of melon with lemon salt and drizzle with a little olive oil – it just tastes heavenly!

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