Light dress with leather jacket

Light dress with leather jacket

A day full of simply sensational treats and sweets! That was my day in Paris yesterday!
I recorded a program for the Tag It Portal that was more than special: I took everyone to see my favorite bakeries and bakeries in Paris.
We went to Patrick Roger, Un Dimanche à Paris, Cosi and, finally, L’eclair de Genie. I think it couldn’t be a more delicious ride than this!
The look is very simple, but full of style. The white dress, very fluid, makes a great match with the black leather jacket – both in color and material. The dress has two layers and as the fabric is very light, it makes the look very feminine (which you know I love)!
On my feet, I opted for a very comfortable black and brown platform sandal. The bag is super practical and tiny, a grace. The neutral tone helped to compose the look.
In the accessories I immediately went to the stones. I chose a beautiful necklace with green stones and a wonderful ring that I panned at a flea market in Williamsburg.

  1. Dress | A. Niemeyer
  2. Jacket | Ellus
  3. Sandal | My Shoes
  4. Purse | Tufi Duek
  5. Necklace | Sophie & Juliet
  6. Ring | Williamsburg flea market

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