Light jeans

Light jeans

If there’s one thing in the fashion world that is more versatile than a little black dress, that thing is jeans. Every piece you can imagine already has an incredible version in jeans, see? Even with this impressive variety, there is one super important thing when choosing your jeans: washing.
The lighter the piece, the more washed the jeans are. This almost white tone is one of my favorites, because it is mega casual. Also, I love the very light jeans in destroyed pieces that are super high, right?

light-jeans-how-to-wear-fashion-danielle-noce-00 Photos – vintage collage

This more casual footprint of washed jeans is perfect for the most basic everyday looks. In addition, you can use these pieces on hotter days and with a lot of sun. Sometimes those jeans pulled to gray or black get very heavy in the summer, but that doesn’t happen with the light ones ?
I selected four pieces that are absolutely incredible in this wash and I put several references for you to be inspired when assembling your next production:


light-jeans-how-to-wear-fashion-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Pinterest, M for Women, Fashion Frisson, Fashion Gum, Fashion Magazine, Girl With Curves, Brandy Melville USA and Hallie Daily

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