Light looks to enjoy the winter
Light looks to enjoy the winter

Light looks to enjoy the winter

In winter, our wardrobes are filled with dark clothes, like black and brown. I love color and so I decided to talk a little bit about how to use pastel tones In the winter. The candy colors brighten any look and you will finally be able to wear that light outfit even on the coldest days!



Photo 1 – Buyer Selection / Photo 2 – Fronte Row / Photo 3 – Lauren Conrad

I’m a fan of this baby blue! With white everything is more harmonious and makes the look very delicate! Coats, as you can see in the images I selected, are the easiest pieces to match. The composition with jeans also looks great!



Photo 1 – Cabi online / Photo 2 – Lauren Conrad / Photo 3 – Wachabuy

Pink is already a classic. Opt for nude tones and create much more romantic looks! If you want to mix with printed accessories, as in the last photo, the look is more modern.



Photo 1 – Cobbprom / Photo 2 – / Photo 3 – Moda Hippie Loves

That shade is great with white! Very light, but escapes the most obvious combination that is with blue. I was in love with the third photo that contrasts all femininity with heavier sneakers!



Photo 1 – Lovin’s Blog / Photo 2 – Tlnique / Photo 3 – Walk in Wonderland

Gray is already a little more serious, but even so it brings a lot of lightness and delicacy to winter compositions. Wool and knitting in this tone are mandatory in your closet. Cashmeres make the look much more chic!

All white


Photo 1 – Algo da Marinha / Photo 2 – The Chic Street newspaper / Photo 3 – This is glamorous

The totally white looks are awesome! You can use it at work, at the mall or for dining out. In addition to wildcard pieces in any wardrobe, white makes the look much lighter. You can add accessories of other colors to create contrast, it looks amazing too!



Photo 1 – Hello Fashion Blog / Photo 2 – Daily Chic / Photo 3 – Wendys Lookbook

The coolest thing is that you can combine all these shades in one look! As they are very light colors it is super easy to combine: just throw a white piece or jeans and that’s it!
So, ready to leave the looks all Black for next winter?

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