Lightboxes in the decoration!

Lightboxes in the decoration!

A luminous box can leave your home or even your office with a much more charming decoration. I already said a few times here on the blog that I love lamps and indirect lights in decoration, especially in the bedroom and in more relaxed environments ambientes

Picture – @theweestore

In addition to neons, calls Light Boxes they are very high and it is increasingly easy to find interesting and even customizable models. Like the idea? Look at how many spaces you can place the piece!



Photos – @nmd_home, Apartment 34 and Fashionismo

I’m always sorry to come back on this subject, but right now my main focus is on the decoration of the new production company. As I found incredible references for office spaces, I had to share!

The idea I liked the most was certainly the middle table. In addition to the phrase being inspiring, something always good in a work environment, I loved how the most modern lightbox combined with a decor with a more “home” face. In fact, this more cozy style is something I want in the decor of the top part of the production company ?

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