Burning Fat These five myths make weight loss mistakes
Burning fat these five myths make weight loss mistakes

Like a new person! This woman is losing 50 pounds and can no longer save herself from dating

In just one year, 23-year-old Elizabeth Jobson has lost 50 pounds and is unrecognizable. You can find out how she did it here.

Elizabeth Jobson poses confidently in front of her mirror and takes one selfie after the other in sexy clothes and matching make-up. A year ago, the young Englishwoman would never have dared to go public like this.

Because Jobson wasn’t always slim. A year ago she weighed 130 kilos. Opposite the online newspaper The young Durham teacher told dailymail.co.uk that she was mercilessly bullied when she was a child because of her weight.

Incredible: This Australian woman loses an incredible 60 kilos within a year after being addicted to fast food.

Woman loses 60 pounds, fast food, McDonald's

After addiction to fast food
Australian woman loses almost 60 kilos within a year

Sandra Abbey, 35, from Melbourne has been addicted to fast food for years. The result: a body weight of 127 kilograms and an annual expenditure of over 6,000 dollars. But then she radically changed her life and lost almost 60 kilos!

Losing weight a lot was a nil in my school days

During her school days, Elizabeth bore the “fat friend” stamp. Injured and offended, she even registered with the weight loss platform “Weight Watchers” in order to be able to lose weight with the right diet. But she did not stick to their weight loss guidelines.

Every evening she hid chocolates, chips and other goodies in her room, which she then secretly ate. It wasn’t until 2017, on a beach vacation with friends, that she made the decision to lose a lot of weight. Because Jobson also wanted to fit into a pretty bikini.

Lose 50 pounds: A radical change in diet helped her lose weight

Together with her mother, Louise Jobson, she signed up for a gym and radically changed her diet for weight loss. Elisabeth now does sport every day. The women plan each meal together to curb their snacking habits. Therefore nothing is eaten after 6 p.m.

Elizabeth was able to lose around 50 kilos within a year and is now finally feeling good in her skin. It was a huge difference to before and so she was just happy, Elizabeth told dailymail.co.uk ”continues.

The men’s world also seems to be responding positively to its transformation from 130 to 80 kilos. Because Elizabeth can now hardly save herself from dates. Sometimes there are even guys who bullied them in the past. However, she consciously rejects this. The Englishwoman also has no contact with her friends from earlier times.

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