Lilac: The Color of the Season

Lilac: The Color of the Season

There is no denying it: in recent years it was the millennial rose that dominated fashion! However, this season another pastel tone promises to be the protagonist: the lilac! Well, despite the vibrant colors (also known as Crayon) are super high, the most washed and delicate tones continue to stand out.
Also called lavender, this faded purple has been slowly conquering the Street style and it is clear that the brands followed this wave. In addition to having everything to do with summer, lilac can, yes, be considered a beautiful wildcard tone of these next seasons ?

Lilac: The Color of the Season

Photo: @ the.simone

You didn’t read it wrong, lavender, amazingly, is really super versatile! And to prove that you can use pieces and accessories in the tone without fear, I decided to show you some incredible references here:


You can bet: you’ve never seen so many bags, shoes, sneakers and even jewelry in that tone! For those who, like me, invested a lot in millenial pink pieces, it is worth investing in a lavender accessory to complement the production. In addition to being super current tones, the all look in pastel tones remains high and is a very feminine option.
Starting with the accessories is always a good way out for those who don’t know if the tone will work! Mixing with neutral colors, like off-white and beige, you can’t go wrong.


Want to risk a little more and bet on a lilac piece? Invest in feminine and very fluid modeling! For being a delicate tone, pieces with this lighter shape work very well.
Dresses and overalls are great for those who don’t know how to match other colors, but shirts, shorts and skirts also yield great delicate looks.


Lilac: The Color of the Season

Photos: @ the.simone and Atlantic Pacific

For those who are more fashionista, it is worth investing in compositions with vibrant and contrasting tones! Blue, green and even yellow are great alternatives, but know that with this mix there is no way to go unnoticed – which I think is great, haha ​​?
If your intention is really to create more impactful visuals, it is better to bet on third pieces in the tone. They yield many other remarkable productions, see?


Amazingly, this monochrome or tone on tone there’s no mistake! The production, definitely, is not for those who have a more basic style, but it works on the most diverse occasions – especially when we talk about tailoring.
To complement, invest in neutral shoes and bags – silver and white are great bets ?


Of course, the trend has already arrived here in Brazil and there is no lack of pieces in tone to buy now! I made a small selection of what I found most amazing here!
Lilac: The Color of the Season
1- Shoulder to Shoulder Framed Gallerist – R $ 220.00
2- Graziela Shorts from Loft 747 at OQVestir – R $ 347.50
3- AMARO Jogging Pants – R $ 169.90
4- Viscose Jacquard Blouse from AMARO – R $ 149.90
5- Printed stamped by Shoulder in OQVestir – R $ 379.00
6- Chemise Bianza at Shop2gether – R $ 582.90
7- Amissima’s Linen Blazer at OQVestir – R $ 855.90
8- Bianza’s Sweatshirt Dress at OQVestir – R $ 505.77
9- Satinato Tennis at Renner – R $ 99.90
10- Iorane NXT LVL Top at Shop2gether – R $ 589.00

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