Lilly Becker pleasure prohibited?  The guilty conscience eats too
Lilly becker pleasure prohibited the guilty conscience eats too

Lilly Becker pleasure prohibited? The guilty conscience eats too

Because of the slimming mania! Lilly Becker likes to sin too – but can she really enjoy it?

The wife of tennis legend Boris Becker (48) also has a sweet tooth. But it’s also nice to treat yourself to something and enjoy chocolate & Co. But can Lilly Becker (39) really switch off her conscience?

The 39-year-old posted a picture of herself feasting on Instagram. In a casual, black turtleneck and nerdbille, Lilly grins at the camera. She has a knife and fork ready, because in front of her a gigantic pancake with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar fills the table. The scene of the action: a Dutch pancake restaurant in London. A bit of home for Lilly, who was born in Rotterdam.

Only in her comment does the mother of the little Amadeus Becker (6) indicate that she actually doesn’t have a clear conscience. “I’ll regret it tomorrow, but for now … boom,” she commented on her picture. Does she really feel guilty about allowing herself such a small sin? Actually, the 39-year-old has a top figure. We think she can allow herself a lot and a little enjoyment should, after all, be part of life. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fun at all!

Here she shows a sexy splash!

In the video: Lilly Becker – shock photo: What happened to her back?

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