Lilóri – SP

Lilóri - SP

Since I started writing for the ICKFD, I went on a search for the best sweet in São Paulo, but I never thought I would find it in a bakery specializing in gluten-free and milk-free products.
Lilóri was opened in 2014, with the objective of serving both consumers who have a restricted diet of gluten, milk protein and lactose, as well as those who are concerned with health and fitness. (In fact: Valentina Piras, who writes vegan / vegetarian gastronomic itineraries in SP, has already commented on the space in this post)
The atmosphere is very simple and rustic, but it is still very cozy. The service was fast, efficient and friendly. I always think it is important to emphasize when I find a restaurant with great service, because with the rush of São Paulo this is getting scarce. In addition, they serve water with fruit to all customers. I thought this was really cool.
As soon as I arrived, the manager suggested a green detox juice. My first option would be the citrus, which looked very tasty, but since it was there, I decided to get in the mood and ordered Beija-Flor (R $ 13.40), made with apple, cucumber, ginger and pineapple. At first, I found the taste of the cucumber very strong, but when I added sugar, it tasted better. The juice is very refreshing and pleasant (I can’t find tasty green juice, even if I drink it at home).
For salty, I ordered a mushroom sandwich, baba ganush and arugula pesto. There was no baba ganush, so I traded it for chestnut cheese (R $ 23.00). The snack comes with a salad. I was impressed with the flavor and crunchiness of the bread, called Lilóri, that the bread that comes closest to French. Honestly, I prefer this one to the French one.
To begin with, the presentation of the dish is impeccable; afterwards, the snack is so well filled, that it even transforms. And I just fell in love with the arugula pesto.
For dessert, I ordered two things. The first was tapioca with chia, stuffed with mango and coconut (R $ 11.60). You must be thinking that this is not tasty, but everything harmonized superbly and formed a very refreshing dessert. And tapioca is less rubbery when mixed with chia.
Then, I ordered the brownie with chocolate ganache (R $ 14.50). When they served me dessert, they told me it was to eat crying. And look, a tear almost came out of my eyes after eating. It is made with banana biomass, but when you eat, you can only think that it is impossible for it to be healthier than a normal brownie. The dough is so soft that it resembles a mousse, the dark chocolate gives a break in the candy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a brownie like that, I swear! I was in love.
I intend to go back to Lilóri many times and get to know this cuisine better since, when looking at the menu, I realized that I don’t know half of the ingredients rs.

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