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When I first heard about Lilóri, I was very curious, because I said I had a vegan brigadeiro. As I am vegetarian and very demanding with the taste of the food, I was in doubt if it would be really tasty, because until then, I only tried “acceptable” vegan brigadeiros. Nothing (yet) replaces the flavor of our beloved condensed milk.
So, I finally decided to stop by Lilóri and see what the “sweets” are, and I also took the opportunity to try the food. =)
No food is made with milk or dairy products, in addition, nothing there has gluten, or preservatives. In other words, in addition to having vegan options (although there are no dairy products, foods may have eggs) it turns out that it is a very healthy kitchen too.
The environment is super cute, it’s not giant, but it’s bright and well decorated. Right at the entrance I asked how the food schemes were and the super attentive attendant showed me that, on the menu, everything that there is not egg is marked with an acronym and foods containing green banana biomass also have another acronym.
I soon identified the vegan foods and decided to start with the Minas Gerais bread (a kind of cheese bread, without cheese or egg) and the Provencal mushroom pizza.
About the “cheese” bread, I really liked it! I had already made a version at home but I liked their recipe better. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the warm bread, but it was very tasty, nonetheless.
The pizzas are frozen, but self-made. So they basically heat up the flavor you choose. Mine came with plenty of mushrooms and leeks, in addition the sauce was sweet and without acidity, that is, very good! The texture is not the same as a freshly made pizza, it is slightly more dry, but I didn’t think I missed much. On balance, I really liked it, even though it was a pizza without cheese (and I’m CRAZY for cheese) !!
Remember that the pizza dough (like everything) is gluten free! Those who like it can still buy the frozen pizza and take it home.
Well, let’s go to the candy! TCHANANAMMMMM
I started with the normal brigadeiro, which is made with condensed milk from almond milk, which they themselves produce. I found the best “acceptable” I have ever eaten. I found it tasty, but still, I get enough of the condensed milk brigadeiro of animal origin.
BUT THERE IS THE SURPRISE: they make a brigadeirinho based on chickpeas (!!!), which takes the name of briganutri. I found it much better! It distances itself a little from the traditional brigadeiro, but has a great texture, slightly aerated, and is much more tasty !!
It surprised me a lot! I liked it so much that I ended up wanting to try the beijinutri, the kissy version of the briganutri. I loved it even more!
I found it simply delicious, it leaves absolutely nothing to lose for a normal kiss. And I didn’t think I would ever say that! haha ha
Both briganutri and beijinutri are really delicious! But, as not everything is perfect, I found the sweets very, very small.
If they were cheap we wouldn’t mind buying two, right? But the prices are:
Brigadeiro R $ 5
Briganutri R $ 4
Beijinutri R $ 4
The pizza cost R $ 25,10
and bread from Minas Gerais R $ 3.80
For the cost benefit, I found the savory more affordable than the sweets. We know that we have to give a discount because this type of healthy / vegan food always ends up being more expensive due to the production conditions, less accessibility of the ingredients, etc. But still, 5 reais the brigadier, made me sad. LOL
I haven’t tried any sandwiches, but there are vegan options, with vegan cheeses. But be careful: only one roll does not contain eggs in the recipe, so it is advisable to inform the attendant that your bread must be vegan!
Has anyone tried the sandubas? How are?
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