Military Diet This diet promises five pounds in a week
Military diet this diet promises five pounds in a week

Liquid superfood! This is how barley water can help you lose weight

Not only different types of fruit and vegetables deserve the title superfood, because barley water is pure power in liquid form.

The bad news first: barley water is not to be confused with barley juice, i.e. beer. Because this is only partially suitable for losing weight. It looks different with barley water. We’ll show you how barley water works and how you can use it to lose weight.

Barley water is rightly considered a superfood

Barley water is known for its healing properties. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used this superfood to strengthen their bodies. According to the online health portal “” is Barley water full of minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. It is also rich in silica and vitamin E as well as various B vitamins.

Ginger is also a real superfood!

Superfood ginger

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This is how barley water will help you lose weight

Barley water has healing properties on your body. Among other things, it is considered a natural cholesterol-lowering agent. Barley water is also rich in fiber, which helps keep your intestines healthy.

The liquid superfood can help you lose weight because it regulates your blood sugar level. It also minimizes cravings because it keeps you full for a long time and stimulates your metabolism. In addition, barley water is a good and healthy source of protein.

Even with the right spices, you can easily shed a few kilos.

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Diet tips
Losing weight made easy: thanks to this spice your pounds will melt away!

Give tasty food a spicy note and lose weight with it? Yes, that’s possible, say scientists. We’ll tell you here which spice not only convinces with its taste, but is also ideal for your slim line.

Barley water for weight loss: this is how often you should drink it

You can easily prepare barley water yourself: you take around 100 grams of barley, which is soaked in two liters of cold water for a few hours. Then bring to the boil briefly and simmer for about two hours. When the barley is soft, pour the whole thing through a sieve and then have the liquid superfood.

If you don’t like the taste, you can add a dash of orange, pomegranate juice or lemon to the barley water. To lose weight, you should drink a large glass of it daily, because it enriches most diets with its healthy effects.

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