Little monkey: the perfect piece for summer

Little monkey: the perfect piece for summer

The little monkeys are, for sure, the most practical and comfortable pieces for the summer. Easy as a dress and comfortable as shorts with a T-shirt, right? I love the many different models and prints, it always looks good!
little monkey-how-to-wear-the-best-looks-danielle-noce-1

Photo 1 – Amp model / Photo 2 – Osklen model

These are my last looks with them. The wide models below are my favorites, especially in sweatpants like the one in the first photo. It falls very well on the body and does not mark anything, I swear!

Besides them, there are several models that I love:


little monkey-how-to-wear-the-best-looks-danielle-noce-4

Foto 1 – Pinterest / Foto 2 – Chata de Galocha / Foto 3 – Ju Romano

I love the well printed pieces, I think the face of summer. If you are afraid to dare in a fully printed look, you can certainly throw a more basic kimono on top – it looks super stylish!

The more structured models, like the one in the last photo, make the production more sophisticated and elegant!


little monkey-how-to-wear-the-best-looks-danielle-noce-3

Photo 1 – Jade Seba / Photo 2 – Rio Etc / Photo 3- Etsy

The jeans models are mega casual, perfect for the weekend. I like both short and long sleeve models. The darker washes look great in a night look for a bar, for example. The lighter and speckled tones are perfect for hitting during the day. You can use it with sneakers, sneakers, flat shoes and even boots on a cooler day.


little monkey-how-to-wear-the-best-looks-danielle-noce-5

Photo 1 – Luv May / Photo 2 – Glam4You / Photo 3 – Thassia’s Blog

The lighter shades are very delicate and are perfect for those who enjoy a more romantic style. Who loves to mark the waist can wear a belt without fear!

Long Sleeve

little monkey-how-to-wear-the-best-looks-danielle-noce-2

Photo 1 – Juliana Parisi / Photo 2 – Sincerely, Jules / Photo 3 – Steal the look

Long sleeves are perfect for a mid-season look! You can even use it with pantyhose! The deeper necklines are ideal for evening and look very sexy. If the fabric is more noble, a silk for example, you can balance it with a very casual shoe!

Where to find?

little monkey-how-to-wear-the-best-looks-danielle-noce-6

  1. Market 33 | R $ 159.00
  2. Farm | R $ 119.00
  3. corporeum | A $ 324.00
  4. Filitty | R $ 234.00
  5. C&A | R $ 69.99

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