Living Coral: The Color of 2019!

Living Coral: The Color of 2019!

18 years ago Pantone announces around December which will be the most used color for the next 12 months. Since then, the brand has dictated trends, and is a reference mainly in the areas of fashion and design. As I love being on the subject, I always wait for the announcement with the color of the year.
Last year, the tone presented by the company was Ultra Violet, with a more mystical and daring style. To represent 2019, the color chosen by Pantone has more vibrant characteristics linked to marine nature: the Living Coral (Live choir)!

Living Coral: The Color of 2019!

Photo: @pantone

This shade is a combination of orange and pink, forming a color full of energy. For Pantone, Living Coral symbolizes our need for optimism and constant energization. Because it is a warmer tone, it brings us a feeling of comfort, in addition to having this more intense and cheerful side.
Color is also linked to immersion in our intimacy, especially considering that we are increasingly connected with technology and detaching ourselves from nature. It is the fusion between modern life and the natural environment, with direct inspiration from the seabed!

Living Coral: The Color of 2019!

Photo: @ create.perfect

So, how about starting 2019 by reconnecting with nature? As a first step, enjoying the color of the year can help you bring that more lively and enthusiastic energy. Oh, and it can be used not only in clothing, but also in makeup and home decor ?


In the universe of beauty, the coral tone has been successful for a while. Reddish shadows or shades more focused on copper hit the catwalks and Instagram. If you prefer smoother make-up, bet on a coral lipstick to make it come alive. For the more daring people, hair dyed with coral tones are a great bet. If you like change, this is a good opportunity!


Living Coral: The Color of 2019!

Photos: Anthropologie and Anthropologie

Regarding fashion, Living Coral is the face of summer. Looks more fresh and with light fabrics are the perfect combination for this tone. Pieces with more fluid characteristics and different cuts are other styles that go very well with color.
If you are a more minimalist person, it would be interesting to use coral in accessories and shoes, for example. It may not seem like it, but this is a versatile shade and can be discreetly included in the composition of the looks.


As I mentioned, the coral tone is very flexible. Therefore, it can be included even inside your kitchen, whether it be table setting or utensils. Color is also used to decorate parties on holidays, since it refers to joy and euphoria. It’s like turning space into a bubble of positive energy!


Nothing better than making our home very cozy and warm, right? As Living Coral is a warm color, it brings this effect to the environments. Even though it is not a traditional shade, it can be incorporated into the décor by means of pillows, rugs and vases.
Following this same palette of colors, Living Coral can be used in combination with earthy tones, since both have this warmest footprint and linked to nature. The result of this combination is a very contemporary environment with an almost monochromatic atmosphere. Invest in plants to compose the space even more completely.
Did you like the choice of Pantone? I loved to know that Living Coral refers to happiness and positive energies ❤

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