Living healthily A life without sugar – does it really have to be?

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Sugar is said to have many harmful side effects and they are anything but sweet. Avoid sugar completely, is the advice of many self-appointed experts. But is a life without sugar really necessary?

The consumption of sugar can make you fat and it is not good for our teeth. However, there are other side effects that are said to be sugar.

What side effects can sugar have?

Sugar is unhealthy – but why? Aside from your teeth and figure, how can sugar harm people?

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Sugar can promote the growth of tumors, as the organization “Cancer Research UK” reports. It can accelerate the aging process, according to the online health portal “” and it is also addictive. Should people really live sugar-free for the sake of their health and is a life without sugar even realistically possible?

5 dangers of sugar

5 dangers of sugar

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Doing without sugar completely is harder than you think

Life without sugar is not as easy as you might think. Because if you think that you only have to do without sweets, snacks and other sweet foods, you are very wrong.

Sugar lurks in foods from which one would never expect and consistent avoidance of sugar also requires a lot of research. Who knows that sugar is not only found in sweets, pastries and desserts, but also in sausage, juice, salty snacks, yogurt and most types of sauces?

Life without sugar is quite difficult, but actually not necessary either. Sugar consumed in moderation can be easily processed by the human body. So it is better to consume consciously than to do without completely.

You probably didn’t know these 5 facts about sweet potatoes!

sweet potato

Vitamin bomb
You probably didn’t know these 5 facts about sweet potatoes!

It is not only known for its reddish flesh, its sweet taste will also be remembered by anyone who tries it. The sweet potato delights whole peoples. Five phenomenal facts you did not know yet!

Do you prefer fructose to glucose?

Many believe that fructose is better than glucose, but expert Dr. Stefan Kubisch from the “German Institute for Nutrition Research Potsdam-Rehbrücke” sees it differently. According to his studies, the effects of fructose are even worse than those of glucose.

The exact effects on humans are not yet fully understood, but he also sees an acceleration in the growth of cancer cells in connection with high fructose consumption.

Are fruits unhealthy?

Fructose is particularly found in fruits, so should it be avoided? No, but it should be enjoyed in moderation. Fruit still belongs on the menu. Nutritional science recommends two servings of fruit a day. A handful is considered a portion, i.e. the amount of an apple, an orange, a banana or something similar.

Critical levels of fructose in the body are certainly not reached with such amounts. Juice lovers should, however, be careful because in one glass there is the fructose of about six oranges or apples. So it is better to eat fruit than to drink fruit.

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