Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

Imagine a hotel with rooms ranging from 1 to 5 stars, with an incredible social area and one of the best restaurants in the city? Well, the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam has it all and more!

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From the first moment, we love this idea of ​​being a democratic hotel, because one of the things we like most about traveling is meeting different people wherever we go.
The most amazing thing is that even the simplest rooms are super good, well decorated and cozy. Each of the environments has a different design, all super modern and vibrant.

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The services are also open to all guests and this creates a very welcoming atmosphere.
The hotel has been operating since 1920 and has a strong connection with Brazil. Between 1925 and 1935 many immigrants from Eastern Europe stayed there before leaving for the coffee farms here in our country.

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We found this out because the hotel also functions as a Cultural Embassy. In addition to hosting events, the hotel has a gallery and several exhibitions pass through there. Including the exhibition Emigrants at Lloyd Hotel, which tells this story with Brazil, continues until December with free entry.

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Another positive point is the restaurant. The food is just incredible, we didn’t want to eat anywhere else! The decor of the place is also super modern, a super pleasant atmosphere.

On top of that, Lloyd’s location is wonderful. The hotel is less than 10 minutes from the central station – and from there we can go to any other corner of the city!

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