Loews Regency New York Hotel

Loews Regency New York Hotel

Staying in a glamorous hotel, very new york style, is a experience incredible! The Loews Regency New York Hotel brings all the city’s tradition to a corner on Park Avenue, one of Manhattan’s most famous avenues.


We arrived here on the 6th and a point that immediately caught our attention was the location. Loews is 5 minutes from Central Park and 15 from Rockfeller Center. The region where it is located (Upper East Side) is one of the most sophisticated in the city, that is, we are surrounded by the most famous stores in the world and close to museums, galleries and great restaurants.


Even though it has hundreds of delicious options close by, the hotel has a super trendy restaurant – and wonderful! The Regency Grill & Bar is open to the public and well known in the city, we don’t even have to leave here to eat well. As if that weren’t enough, the decor is breathtaking.


In fact, the entire decor of the hotel is very classic and elegant. Do you know when you walk into a hotel and feel like you’re in a movie? Everything is very beautiful and cozy, from the reception to our room.



Loews has been in NY since 1963 and you can see that the charm of the period continues in every corner of the hotel. Even with neutral colors and wooden furniture, the design is surprising. The reliefs on the walls, for example, are charming!


Guests are also entitled to some VIP tickets to shows, stand-ups and even museums. The concierge service is one of the best I’ve ever met, they always have great tips and get last minute tickets.

In addition to all this, the hotel has a personal trainer who teaches classes every Wednesday to guests. Training takes place in Central Park, too bad we won’t be staying longer ficar


As if that weren’t enough, Loews highly values ​​impeccable room service. The employees come to tidy up our room at night and leave the bed ready for us to sleep.

I’m going to get out of here badly, see? Lots of treats – there’s even chocolate on the pillow and cookies in the room!

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