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I love coffees, and as soon as I saw Lokma I was dying to go, because it was so beautiful! I went and became a fan, because the atmosphere is wonderful, peaceful, very well decorated and the service is ten. When I opened the menu, I was surprised by the variety of options, not only of coffees, but of sweets, drinks, salads and dishes in general. It even has many sweets and Arab dishes!
There are typical sweets, which I did not know and at least in Bauru can only be found there. They are: knefa (semolina cream with cheese and a very tasty syrup); ataif (semolina paste filled with nuts and rose water syrup); mamul; dating. Everything with a different name, and everything very tasty!
lokma ataiflokma nests
There are many of those nests too, of figs, pistachios, almonds, walnuts and apricot blossom with walnuts … There are options for sweet crepes, such as nutella; it has sweet bruschettas, such as brie with cream cheese, apricots, nuts and honey; and the stuffed cakes, like casadinho, are a spectacle and are a hit there!
crepe lokmacappuccino lokma
Their falafel sandwich is wonderful, divine, and the spaghetti with curd and vegetables too !! Everything is very well seasoned. To drink I really like the Lokma cappuccino, super creamy and seasoned with cardamom (I didn’t know this ingredient, I discovered it there and loved it!), And the hot Thai tea!
lokma falafel
On hot days, Lebanese soda (like Italian, but with rose water) is a great option! Here is another indication for those who pass through Bauru, beautiful place, with several options of delicious foods and sweets !! lokma
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 11 pm, and on Saturday from 10 am to midnight (time the kitchen closes).
It is located at Al. Octávio Pinheiro Brisolla, 19-48.

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