Long heating jacket

Long heating jacket

You know that day of intense heat that you would give anything to go out with a bikini and a beach break? I live in this humor and, as it is not always possible to put the bikini on for the game, I love betting on dresses that resemble very fluid and fresh outings.
That’s why I loved this long white chemise! The piece is so light that it is even transparent, but with a white petticoat underneath it doesn’t have to look bad.
Long heating jacket
Because it is made of linen, the dress does not hold the heat and, consequently, lets the body “breathe” better. In fact, it is worth paying attention to the fabrics when buying clothes for the summer, see? Naturals are always better options!
Still in that half-beach vibe in the city, I chose very comfortable shoes and, of course, without heels. This cross with wide crossed strips even resembles a slipper, right?
Long heating jacket
I also couldn’t leave the sunglasses out of the look, after all, they are my favorite accessories in life. As the production was lighter, I preferred a model with thin rods!
The most urban touch was on account of the pierced leather bag and Casio’s classic golden watch – which, in fact, I am loving to wear again!
Long heating jacket
Do you also enjoy bringing unusual pieces to the urban environment? For those who are basic, how about starting with the accessories? You already have a post here on the site with ideas to bring the straw bag for everyday looks ?


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