Long live Italy!

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On a vacation, I had the pleasure of being able to visit “Viva Itália”, a village with three super charming establishments at the very beginning of the city of Teresópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. They are: the ice cream parlor Sweet childhood, the restaurant Cante è Véro it’s the Pastificio Market, which completes the village with the sale of traditional Italian products. The place is super charming and special, with beautiful and cozy architecture. I also took the opportunity to kill one of my favorite desserts, Tiramisù, made in the traditional way and with an unparalleled creaminess and smoothness!

The only negative point in my case is having to wait 2 hours to get there to be able to eat again, as this is the distance from where I live there. As I shared my dessert with my husband, there was plenty of room to try Doce Infância’s ice cream! I made my favorite pistachio combination with Belgian chocolate and I don’t even have to say it was divine!
Here’s the tip! Then stop by to tell me what you think.
21 2642 • 0548 or 21 2642 • 4618
Av. Oliveira Botelho, 617 – AltoTeresópolis

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