Long: my summer favorites

Long: my summer favorites

The days are hotter and nothing better than a dress! I’m in love with the play and I’m in a crazy phase for the long ones. They are so practical and there are so many prints, colors and patterns to choose from!
I selected my favorites!

Little black at all basic

long-dresses-as-usa-summer-danielle-noce-1 Photo 1 – Ego (Globo) / Photo 2 – Ricota não Melt / Photo 3 – Mucca Shop

Who doesn’t love that little black that looks great with anything? The long black ones are super versatile! Go very well with flat shoes, sneakers and, of course, high heels. The same model can work for a weekend tour or a finer party – just bet on accessories, make-up and hair!


long-dresses-as-usa-summer-danielle-noce-2 Photo 1 – Luulla / Photo 2 – Mood Wedding / Photo 3 – Style Weekly

You already know how much I love very feminine models. Checked waist and well-draped skirt look great on any woman. Floral prints are the most classic. Bet on a variation of colors and sizes of the print.
A great tip to lengthen the silhouette, in addition to the heel, is to always look for models that value the neck (deeper necklines). The more skin, the more elongated!



Photo 1 – Celeb Mafia / Photo 2 – Modices / Photo 3 – Loja Ruche

The 70s models came back with everything! I really like the ethnic prints, especially in very boho looks. The dark background prints are great to reduce that fat and super modern.



Foto 1 – Glam Radar / Foto 2 – Pinterest / Foto 3 – The Color Stalker

Speaking of modernity, the black and white models with graphics are much more urban. You can easily use it on a daily basis. Want an even bolder footprint? Use heavy slits and accessories (like the boot in the second photo).



Photo 1 – The Fashion Guitar / Photo 2 – French Frosting / Photo 3 – The Fashion Label

Nothing more tropical than the colorful models! I’m a fan of prints, but I think these monochrome looks are beautiful! In order not to be too obvious, choose models with cutouts, slits and some accessories that contrast more.



Photo 1 – Getty Images / Photo 2 – The Ca Blook / Photo 3 – Miss Couture

Gala parties are synonymous with despair for many women. The long ones do not flatten the silhouette at all. The nude with stones is a luxury – in addition, the sleeve is a great trick for those who don’t like the arm. Once again, the slits and necklines appear as great highlight points of the look.

Where to find?

I looked for some models that I love! If you want to know where to find it, just look down here!

  1. Farm at OQVestir | R $ 479.00
  2. Skinbiquini at Farfetch | R $ 429.00
  3. The White Lily | R $ 1,100.00
  4. Candy Brown at OQVestir | R $ 2,949.00
  5. Gallerist Cruise | R $ 2,196.00

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